[MA-SOC] AnimeNext Schedule is online

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 10 17:37:00 EDT 2008


Looks like Friday evening is the better night for a Metro gathering-dinner. Say 6pm-ish, eatery TBD, gather at the convention center stairs. That doesn't conflict with too many things, and leaves enough time to go to the concert, for those so inclined.

>Are they going to have the schedule in pdf or some other format like they did last year?

Probably. Mac OS isn't the problem though - you need some software that will read Excel files, maybe OpenOffice? (www.openoffice.org)

Any Metro folks doing panels at ANext, if you mail me your panel info by Fri, I can do up that combined flyer and have some copies ready for this Sunday's meeting (I can post the file, too).


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