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Charles Feldmeth crfeldmeth at verizon.net
Sat Jun 7 01:39:28 EDT 2008

The "Where Do I Begin?" panel was inspired by a question someone asked at Clyde's panel at NYAF.  I will be discussing the wide range of choices new anime fans have for getting their anime fix as well as activities for when watching anime just isn't enough.
                                  Charlie F.

"Willow (yanagi)" <eandzb at att.net> wrote:
  looks like things begin early friday eh?
I"ll be heading out there friday but check in to the hotel isn't till 3pm and I still will also have to register (being my first time at anime next I have no idea where or how it all works anyway).
I still have to call the holiday inn to find out if I can check my bags with them so I can indeed get there early and leave my bags before check in so I don't have to miss the first half of the day....I would think they do that but no one has found out yet so I'll be calling them soon.

same with sunday and check out...latest check out is 1pm..definitly will do that but also want to find out if they will hold my luggage so I can spend the rest of the day there or I"ll have to check out and go home (can't drag around luggage to the con).

so now I may miss the panels there:-(....
what is the Where do I begin one..sounds like something I should check out too.

so now looks like the con does begin early for us eh? I really hope they will hold our bags before check in.
I am going to cosplay for friday and saturday so I'll at least be able to to do that for the afternoon on once I check in....don't think I want to go over there in costume but will have some kind of 'can you tell I love anime' something on, or something.........

hey does anime next put up the con schedule on the site or we don't get to see what's what till we get there and get a paper copy in hand?

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