[MA-SOC] Nintendo DS Game: The World Ends with You, or Being a Labelwhore Saves the Day!

Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 15:59:01 EDT 2008

Michelle wrote:
> So *that's* how you play TWEWY?  Hee!  I just started role playing for the
> first time on LiveJournal, and one of us is playing Neku, a.k.a. Phones.
> Had no idea the character had to be so fashion-conscious to win.  (Not my
> kind of game!)
I saw Yatzee's review of The World Ends with You (see "Zero Punctuation" 
at The Escapist website), he's not really a big fan of J-RPGs, but he 
did try to give this one a shadow of the doubt.  Well, he didn't like it 
that much and from the descriptions he gave of how hard it was to 
control the game I don't blame him.  Controls came make or break a game, 
its not the graphics the count but how well the game plays.  J-RPGs used 
to be toned down for the US several years ago because players here would 
find them to be too hard.  The Japanese like "hard" RPG games.  Case in 
point, the original Final Fantasy released both here and in Japan were 
really hard games.  Final Fantasy XI Online is a very hard MMORPG, and I 
mean its a hard game.  World of Warcraft is a cake walk compared to the 
things you gotta do in FFXI.  If you go into the game expecting Instant 
Gratification that game will put you through a meat grinder, chew you 
and spit you out only to chew on you again some more.  Its the MMORPG 
that separates the men from the boys.  Despite its immense difficulty 
its still a good game and at its heart it is a Final Fantasy game with a 
full-fledged Final Fantasy storyline.

The Lunar series is also another really hard RPG series.  Originally it 
appeared on the SegaCD then it came out on the PSOne.  You can still 
find used copies at your local GameStop, or game store that sells used 
games.  The remake for the PSOne is Lunar the Silver Star Story which 
pretty much follows the same storyline but this time around Luna, one of 
the main characters, isn't taken from you at the beginning of the game 
like she was in the SegaCD original.  It was POSSIBLE to get stuck in 
areas if you entered them when you weren't ready, so level grinding was 
a large part of the game.  Basically, you wanted the forests looking for 
monsters to fight to build up experience so when you moved onto the next 
challenge you wouldn't get your ass handed to you.  Lunar 2, the sequel, 
was released on the SegaCD and PSOne.  For both games the PSOne version 
has real Full-Motion Video anime sequences for cut scenes with a remixed 
soundtrack.  Lunar 2 can be found used at different stores and online.

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