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Hiya kwill (what's your first name, BTW?) --
Thanks for your comments, and your validation of my contention that AVATAR  
is a truly exceptional series.  I do remember a few of the other series you  
mentioned, in particular GARGOYLES.... which, as I recall, had excellent artwork 
 and some great voice acting.  (Maybe it's just my imagination, but I  
believe Star Trek's Michael "Worf" Dorn voiced one of the major roles.)  I  even 
remember one particular episode of GARGOYLES which dealt intelligently with  the 
theme of xenophobia and racism in the U.K.
My rationale for calling AVATAR "anime" -- as opposed to the ones you  
mentioned, which were definitely fine animated works in their own right -- is  its 
extremely strong traditional Asian ambiance and folkloric themes.  And  I would 
also cite the unmistakable influence of both Takahashi and Miyazaki  in 
artistic design, character development, depth of thematic material, and  
imaginative plotting.
Anyway, thank *you* for reading my note -- and I look forward to seeing and  
discussing more wonderful AVATAR episodes in the future.
Peace & Pocky,
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"MY GYM  PARTNER'S A MONKEY is the cutting edge of 21st century TV  


*Hah* <regaining composure, wiping tears  from face>

But totally, AVATAR has to be one of the best animated  series produced in 
the past 10 or 20 years.The storytelling & pacing,  character depth & 
development, visual design and intelligent writing makes  me forget sometimes that this 
is just children's animation.

I wouldn't  go so far as to call AVATAR 'anime' because then I'd feel 
obligated to call  any western animation this good 'anime'; the word (or rather the 
term 'anime')  I feel would lose all meaning.

No, this series goes into that special  catergory of children's animation, 
were shows like: GARGOYLES, FILMATION'S  HE-MAN, SHE-RA, TEEN TITANS etc. will 
be remembered for years to come because  the people that made them didn't 
pander to their target  audience.

Personally, if everyone in Hollywood were like the  creators/producers of 
shows like AVATAR, there would be far less dreck on TV  now.


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