[MA-SOC] Maui Tacos vs. Zaro - one attendee's opinion

Oneirophile at aol.com Oneirophile at aol.com
Sun Jul 27 23:14:52 EDT 2008

For starters, I think I speak for everyone who attended today's Fantasy  Fest 
when I say "arigatoo, otsukaresama deshita!" to Charlie-san for a  great 
presentation and choice of episodes.  They were varied,  interesting, 
entertaining, and representative of a wide spectrum of fantasy  sub-genres.
But, speaking for myself alone, I must admit that I would've enjoyed the  
screening a whole lot more had it not been for the lousy  venue.
Rather than just bitching and moaning (I confess to doing my share of that  
today during the breaks  ^_^), I will present my opinion as a series of  pros 
and cons.... to wit:
ZARO - Pro:
* no venue charge.
* good cupcakes.
ZARO - Con:
* awful lighting, and too much of it.
* loud, intrusive sound system (both music and talk radio) drowning  out film 
soundtracks and intros by presenter.
* loud, intrusive ambient noise (customer and employee conversation,  kitchen 
noises, cappuccino machine).
* uncomfortable seating (unless you happened to be sitting on one of the  
padded benches in back) and awkward table setup.
* attendees have to pick up food in cafeteria downstairs, missing parts of  
* overpriced snack foods.
* no alternate food sources (e.g., Starbuck's) nearby.
* closes 5 p.m., requiring too-early 11 a.m. start.
* lighting OK for screening.
* ambient noise reduced thanks to separation from general  seating.
* no piped-in music or talk radio in downstairs screening room.
* relatively comfortable seating and table setup.
* staff happily brings orders downstairs so attendees see more of  screening.
* reasonable prices for the generous amount of food in each serving.
* Starbuck's and many other food sources nearby.
* staff doesn't make a big deal about it if you bring in outside food  or 
* starting 12 noon is convenient.
* staff knows us for a long time and treats us in a friendly and gracious  
* $2.00 per person venue charge.
* cold in winter.
As far as I'm concerned, Zaro's meager advantages are far outweighed by  its 
serious drawbacks, which spoiled much of my enjoyment of Charlie's  excellent 
presentation.  As for Maui Tacos, IMHO two bucks per person for a  six-hour 
screening is more than reasonable, and certainly affordable for most  attendees 
-- especially considering that no minimum food order is required, and  that 
they don't blink an eye if some of us bring in outside food.  And  regarding the 
lack of heating in winter -- sure, I've complained about it  myself, but 
taking Maui Tacos' numerous advantages into consideration, I'm  personally willing 
to wear an extra layer of clothing for winter screenings if  it means having 
the privacy of our own screening room and the courtesy of staff  who are 
willing to bring our orders down to us.
I don't know if my vote counts for anything, but since Metro Anime is  
(AFAIK) a democracy, I want to go on record as saying that I do NOT want us to  lose 
our regular monthly screening slots at Maui Tacos.... and I do NOT want any  
future screenings to be at Zaro's.
Anyone else feel the same way?
Just my 2 yen,
+ + + + + + +  + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
("Bidden or not bidden, God is present")
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