[MA-SOC] Haruhi First Impressions

Vince Averello vince at omegageek.com
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The novels have been licensed for release here the US and the first one is
coming out in April. Same with the Haruhi manga (not sure of the release
schedule for those). 

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Personally, I preferred broadcast order over chronological order. With
broadcast order, you actually get a climax at the ending. =P I loved the
anime though..I'll never forget the concert episode, and I can definitely
sympathize with the gang trying to micro against maphackers. Hirano Aya and
Tomokazu Sugita are <3

The novels are wonderful. I can't wait for them to get animated in Haruhi
Season 2 (come on KyoAni! and where's my FMP?!). You can read the full
translated novels at
http://www.baka-tsuki.net/project/index.php?title=Suzumiya_Haruhi courtesy
of the great people at baka-tsuki.net

Also, Lucky Star is a nice anime to watch after Haruhi. There are a lot of
Haruhi references in LS, and Hirano Aya does the voices for both Konata and

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