[MA-SOC] Haruhi First Impressions

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 18 12:50:05 EDT 2008

Yeah, we showed Haruhi Suzumiya about two years ago at Metro. It was pretty well-received, but personally I liked it a lot better when it came out on DVD (loved the dub cast & chronological episode order). Those cosplay skits at the Bandai offices were insane. *shakes head* Not a big fan of the Japanese promo stuff, but the lady that plays Haruhi is kind of wacky.

FYI, it's based on a sci-fi light novel series that got licensed for English publication, and yes, there will be a sequel anime, coming out maybe this fall/winter, or next year sometime. Enjoy the wackiness!

Bandai Ent. generally does good-quality work, IMO. Maybe about 50+% of my personal tape & DVD collection is their stuff - Escaflowne, .hack, Scrapped Princess, several Gundam series, Big O, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain - and lots of other stuff that's just on my wish list. They've had some really good dubs over the years too, and plenty of stuff on Cartoon Network. Good sales on their thinpaks and boxes over the years, too.


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