[MA-SOC] OT but real & scary: "Gingerism" - bizarre new spate of hate attacks

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Tue Jul 8 00:29:39 EDT 2008


I hesitated before posting this because it is indisputably  OT. However, 
since hate attacks of any kind should be addressed and combated by  intelligent 
people who deplore violence.... and since otaku-hunts  sounded imaginary too 
until they made the international  news.... I felt it would be important to 
mention this issue.  I also  wanted to make people aware that this disturbing new 
trend is not a joke, or a  hoax, or an occasional fluke -- it has become a very 
real (albeit bizarre)  problem, not just in the UK but here in NYC.

"Gingerism", or prejudice  against redheads, sounds like a made-up sort of 
issue.... rather like the  ostensibly harmless "blonde jokes" which have been 
going around the internet for  many years. But "gingerism" is all too real, and 
has become a visible problem in  more than one country.

When my son -- a redhead -- first told me that  there have been hate attacks 
against people with his hair color in the UK, I  laughed it off. But I looked 
it up online, and found out that there has indeed  been an escalating rash of 
violence against redheads in the UK -- once even  resulting in murder. Here 
are just some of the many articles that I found  on the subject:



Has  this issue hit home here in NYC? Unfortunately, yes. Earlier this 
evening my son  was walking along a street in downtown Brooklyn, and was suddenly 
singled  out as the target of a water balloon. Sounds harmless enough, but it 
wasn't an  isolated incident -- there have been an increasing number of 
harassing incidents  directed against redheads in this country, perhaps a copycat 
phenomenon because  of the UK trend.

It isn't funny, and it isn't harmless -- in the UK, it  has escalated to 
violence, and it could happen here too. At very least, it could  traumatize young 
kids with red hair who (from what I understand) have  become targets of 
taunting and bullying by classmates. And harassment of  redheaded adults (as in my 
son's case) is on the increase. At worst, it could  turn into a new excuse for 
random acts of violence, especially for those  lunatics who are afraid of 
being prosecuted for less "acceptable" hate  crimes.

This all sounds totally insane, and I agree.... society is  going insane, and 
getting more so every year.  Racial violence,  fundamentalist terrorism, 
rape, gay-bashing, otaku-hunts in Japan, and now  attacks on redheads in the UK 
and the US.  How much more f*cked up can it  get?  If you pray, then please pray 
for an end to ALL hate attacks and  idiotic prejudice, both here and abroad.

Your Burukkurin  buddy,
(who fervently wishes Kenshin were real so he
could go Battosai on certain people's butts!)
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("Bidden or not bidden, God is present")
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