[MA-SOC] Sunday, July 13,-59th Annual Obon Dance Festival - FREE

Willow (yanagi) eandzb at att.net
Sun Jul 6 13:30:42 EDT 2008

I am going to this and also put it up at anime and manga meet ups
for a meet up event.
I thought I"d send this out to those who may be interested or
already going and want to meet up.

here is the info and I just am putting the same info I posted in
case others want to meet and we have folks here on this group and
the meet up so thought I"d cover it all.

if you don't know me but want to find me then please go to the
anime or manga meet and you will find pictures of me at my
profile which is easy to find..I'm an asst. organizer so just
click on my name on the side of the screen with the organizers or
go to the meet up posts and click from there.
Bryant Park NY Buddhist Church Obon Dance Festival

Sunday, July 13, 2008
59th Annual Obon Dance Festival - FREE

Location: Bryant Park, 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas,
festival is from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Subway Directions: V, F, B, D to 42nd Street and Bryant Park
Avenue of the Americas at West 42nd Street, 10036
also 1,2 or 3 to 42nd and times square and then just walk to 6th

I'm going to be at the entrance to meet folks at 12:30-:45 at
"I will wait at the entrance for a good 20 minutes or close to
1pm for others..otherwise if you come later just look for me and
others I may be with. I'll have a small backpack, white with
black and pink hearts all over it. "

Watch as the Bon Odori dance is performed, a Buddhist ceremony to
entertain ancestors, as well as show respect and gratitude to
them. For more information visit

 It features hours of fun, merriment, Japanese folk dancing, and
taiko (Japanese drumming) performances, plus tables of activities
for children and adults. Learn the art of paper folding at the
Origami Workshop!

Much of the festival is devoted to dancing traditional folk
dances, with hundreds of people participating, from novice to
expert. It?s fun and easy for participants with little or no
experience to join in.

Additionally, there will be performances by HAPPYFUNSMILE
(Okinawan pop band), the Tachibana Dance Group, Hoh Daiko, and
Soh Daiko.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

Obon is a Buddhist event and one of the most important traditions
of the Japanese people. It is a period of remembering one?s
ancestors. At Obon we dance with joy and happiness, with thankful
memories of our departed ancestors, friends, and mentors,
recalling their care and compassion.

See pictures from earlier festivals in Bryant Park:

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