[MA-SOC] New Sasami Series

Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 03:50:11 EDT 2008

sejiro at yahoo.com wrote:
> It's a new version.  It premiered at AnimeNext last week
The series is very recent using traditional animation and some CG.  
There are no villains, no battles with monsters, and no Pixy Misa.  
Sasami and Misao aren't the only magical girls, there is a whole 
ensemble cast of girls with magical powers who become a part of Washu's 
secret Magical Girls Club at their school while she disguises herself as 
a Home Economics teacher.  Sadly, Washu can't cook worth a damn though.  
LOL  Ryu-Ohki is in the series originally as a pet/familiar for Washu 
whom she delights in torturing, but like always she and Sasami become 
very close ...and what's how it should always me.  ;-)


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