[MA-SOC] New Sasasmi Series

Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 17:37:15 EDT 2008

WOOHOO!  I recently learned that Funimation has finally released a 12 
episode box set of "Sasami Magical Girls Club".  This isn't a new kind 
of Pretty Sammy anime but a different take on it completely.  Sasami, 
Misao, Ryu-Ohki and Washu are all major characters in the series along 
with ensemble cast of girls all with their own magical talents.  I'd 
describe this series as Pretty Sammy meets Harry Potter meets Azumanga 
Daioh.  There are no villains and no Pizy Misa, just a really fun story 
about young girl and her friends who join the secret Magical Girls Club 
at their school lead by Washu and their mascot Ryu-Ohki.  The title song 
to the series is one of my favorites called "Sweet Magic" sung by 
Magical Sweets, which is made up of the cast of VAs who lend their 
voices to the girls in the club.  If you are a fan of Sasami from Tenchi 
Muyo and Pretty Sammy this is a MUST HAVE addition to your collection.

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