[MA-SOC] *Batman: Gotham Knight*?

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One word: SOLD.

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> Since it comes out next Tuesday, and I never heard about any pre-screenings,
> I haven't seen it yet. But it's right at the top of my Netflix queue, so
> maybe next week I'll have something cool to say about it.
> *heh* BTW, here's a longish promo trailer for the History Channel special -
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yNqRcdeXKM
> Key points of interest to me about the "Batmanimatrix" (or "Batmanime"?) were
> that the project was helmed by Bruce Timm (exec. prod.) and Andrea Romano
> (voice dir. & casting), who've been running the DC Animated universe for like
> 15+ years (plus various other good Warner Bros. animation projects). And even
> better, they re-hired Kevin Conroy, who's been *the
> voice* of Batman through all but the most recent (disappointing) of the
> animated TV/movie versions. Nothing against Keaton or Christian Bale, or even
> Adam West, but Conroy's voice is the one I hear in my head when I think of
> Batman.
> Hmm - here's the Japanese director/studio - American writer pair-ups:
> "Have I Got a Story For You" - Shoujiro Nishimi (Studio 40C, dir. of
> Tekkon-kinkreet) & Josh Olson (wr. of A History of Violence) "Field Test" -
> Hiroshi Morioka (Studio Bee Train, worked on .hack &
> Tsubasa) & Jordan Goldberg (asst. to Chris Nolan?? - no other writing
> credits)
> "Working Through Pain" - Toshiyuki Kubooka (Studio 40C, worked on Gunbuster &
> Gundam 0080) & Brian Azzarello (staff wr. on Batman & Superman comics and
> Eisner Award winner for series 100 Bullets)
> "In Darkness Dwells" - Yasuhiro Aoki (Madhouse, worked on Tweeny Witches &
> Shingu) & David Goyer (wr. of Blade movies/TV and Batman Begins) "Crossfire"
> - Futoshi Higashide (Production I.G., worked on Air & Giant
> Robo) & Greg Rucka (staff wr. on Batman & Superman comics and wr. of Queen
> and Country) "Deadshot" - Jong-Sik Nam (Madhouse, dir. of BASToF Syndrome) &
> Alan Burnett (wr. for Batman/DC Animated series)
> Let's see what kind of mojo they can put together...
> Ciao,
> Mandisa

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