[MA-SOC] Missing "Osaka" booklet + ADV problems

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Barely a day goes by when I don't see yet another example of how all this has wrecked a lot of things. When RightStuf had its recent Geneon sale, I went straight for the soundtracks. Geneon was a major licensor of soundtracks for the U.S. market, and now that they're gone, it's going to be virtually impossible to find them apart from paying murderous import prices. (I categorically refuse to download that stuff or buy Taiwanese off-license editions, for reasons that should be self-evident.)

The one bright spot I've seen is that maybe this stuff will be relicensed as legal downloads -- for instance, the "Vexille" score is available from both Amazon and eMusic in DRM-free format. But my hopes are not high. Soundtracks were, from what I can tell, a fairly marginal part of the anime scene, and what with all the overall belt-tightening going on it's not likely that they're going to ever be a big part of it again except for major tent-pole releases.

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> While I don't think ADV is going out of business per se, there is no question
> that its imploding.  This is fallout from the Geneon-ADV bidding war that
> ended up crippling both companies and severely damaging the American anime
> distribution market.
> A few years back ADV and Geneon both made a grab to gobble up market share
> and effectively marginalize or drive out of business all their competitors.
> Whenever a high-profile new property license would come up they would attempt
> to outbid each other, driving prices up to the point that it was effectively
> impossible to turn a profit on them.    For several years they could afford
> to do so because of outside backing; Geneon's NA anime division was being
> floated by the larger Geneon-Pioneer corporation and ADV was being backed by
> a Japanese media conglomerate it had entered a partnership with back around
> 2005.
> The tactic did kill off/beat down most of the two companies' other
> competitors "(Funimation being the big exception).  However, after a certain
> point both ADV and Geneon anime became such huge sucking money pits that
> their respective backers pulled the plug on the money stream floating them,
> collapsing both houses of cards.  At the same time the Japanese studios have
> gotten acclimated to selling licenses at the ludicrously unprofitable prices
> the bidding war drove them up to, and consequently a lot of decent titles'
> asking price is simply too high for any American distributor to meet (or,
> more correctly, fewer can be met, causing a lot of good titles to fall
> through the distribution cracks).
> Eventually market forces will probably restore some equilibrium, but the
> price war very nearly killed both ADV and Geneon and ultimately kicking the
> previously bureoning American anime market in the genitalia.  Thank you, ADV
> and Geneon!  It amuses me no end to hear both of your incessant whining about
> how fansubbers are killing the market when in fact your mutual ill-advised
> business strategies have done far more to that end than the 'subbers could
> ever do.   Between my thumb and index finger the world's tiniest violin plays
> in sympathy for your plights.
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> Subject: Re: [MA-SOC] Missing "Osaka" booklet + ADV problems
> To: 'Metro Anime New York City-
> > > It's wierd, last night I was unable to get to the ADV Films
> > homepage but I
> > > was able to get directly to another part of their website
> > (downloaded a
> > > preview for a show I will be screening at "Fantasy-Fest II"),
> > try doing as
> > > search for "ADV Films" and see if something comes up that
> > links you to
> > > something other than the homepage.
> >
> > There's some worry that the company is going under, but I think
> > it's more a case of them doing some restructuring in the wake of
> > PiQ and whatnot. There's supposed to be an announcement this
> > Friday at AX about the company.
> >
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