[MA-SOC] Thoughts on 2007 in Anime

Serdar Yegulalp thegline at optonline.net
Wed Jan 2 16:29:53 EST 2008

I had a hard time keeping on top of what was going on in 2007, because that was the year I started doing anime/manga review work for AMN.  Consequently, I got a very skewed view of what was out there -- no fansubs at all, but I haven't watched fansubs in years, to be honest -- but I saw at least one thing that was as good as anything I've seen in any year ("Tekkonkinkreet" - and, oh, yeah, "Mushi-shi"), a bunch that were outstanding ("GitS:SAC:SSS","Basilisk","Phoenix","Paprika") and many more that were more than fun ("Witchblade" - no, really).

On the manga side, I wound up starting a bunch of series that I hadn't picked up yet, and most of them ended up being serious winners -- "Berserk", "Claymore" (which have a fair amount in common but are absolutely not clones), "Gin Tama", "Monster", both volumes of "Tanpenshu", and of course the Tezuka reissues like "MW" and "Apollo's Song".

See? It WAS a good year.

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