[MA-SOC] New Seinen Anime

Charles Feldmeth crfeldmeth at verizon.net
Wed Dec 31 00:50:31 EST 2008

I wanted to reply to the person who asked about new seinen anime (was a reply to Jill's post about Anime Castle's screenings), not sure if this strictly qualifies as "seinen" but its definitely not for the kiddies, check out "Michiko to Hatchin", sort of like "Dead Leaves" on a road trip to Tiajuana.
As for cheap anime screenings you can probably get 4 hours of anime for less than $10 from the bargain bin at Right Stuf and skip the trip to Flushing and watch it anytime you want ("My-Hime" for $3 per disc, is that show real bad or something?).  To be fair, we don't know but maybe Anime Castle has heat in their viewing room?
                                        Charlie F.

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