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Thats pretty awesome.  I'm debating if I want to pick up the Import or 
wait for the English release.  Will they have the Japanese voice option 
in the English release?


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Square Enix recently released a PSP fighting game called Final Fantasy: 
in Japan (not English-localized yet).  It basically takes a main 
protagonist and
boss villain from each of Final Fantasy I through X and have them duke 
it out in
single combat.  As both an anime fan and a former Final Fantasy XI 
gamer I
laughed when I discovered that Megumi Hayashibara did voice work for 
it, playing
Shantotto, one of the coolest FFXI NPCs, who appears as a special 
bonus character.  Really, who else would you call to voice a cute, 
female spellcaster who nukes the bejeezus out of everything with black 
while laughing like a maniac? You can hear a bit of the Lina Inverse in
Shantotto, especially in her victory cackle after unleashing her 
version of
Dragon Slave:

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