[MA-SOC] Keanu REEVES & Chyushingura

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 9 15:18:08 EST 2008

We'll be lucky if they even use 47 people and not 7 people with 40 CG-"actors". Or take a cue from Samurai 7 and Transformers, making most of the ronin giant robots. Besides, since when is Keanu half-Asian? If anything, I thought he was 1/4 at best - his mom's Hawaiian and his dad's Lebanese (maybe there's a Japanese maternal grandparent?). 

As for his acting ability, I think the action flicks do him a disservice. Check out his roles in smaller movies - "The Gift" and "The Watcher" were two of my favorites, especially for Keanu-as-villain, and what I recall of "The Devil's Advocate" was good, although Pacino obviously stole the movie. I mostly dislike celebrity-formula romances, but "The Lake House" was really good (tho' a bit weepy) and thought-provoking, for what was essentially a funky time-travel/wormhole romance. I never saw "My Own Private Idaho", but I remember my friends & critics going ga-ga over it at the time...

Heck for right now, movie-wise, Keanu's the least of my worries as far as this new "Day the Earth Stood Still". From the trailers & commercials, it looks like a Bruckheimer action flick meets M.Night Shamylan one-trick flick. Where the hell is Gort?!


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