[MA-SOC] OT: seeking help with dramatic skit for school - friends at an anime con

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I could lend a hand/be in the background/provide some fannish stuff (doujins & fanart).  Because of work, weekends would be better than Fridays for me.


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>Hey folks, as some of you know, I'm in school this semester working on a
>degree in TV production. All term, I've had to make little video shorts
>with all kinds of weird requirements. But finally, for my end-of-term
>project I get to do a longer skit of my own choosing, and I've decided to
>do a bit about friends at an anime con. *yeah!* It's a little bit cute and
>a little bit funny (I hope), and if all goes well, I'll expand it out next
>year for my final thesis project.
>So I'm looking for anybody who'd like to act in the skit or help out
>off-camera (making signs, checking props, moving things around). It's about
>5-6 minutes long, with 4 speaking parts for women (5-10 lines each) and 2
>speaking parts for men (1 & 5 lines), plus one wacky (lucky?) guy who gets
>to run across the screen in a trenchcoat & boxers. I'm aiming for
>college-age-ish types (late-teens, 20s, early-mid-30s), and at least one or
>two of the women ought to be in cosplay, but other than that, no casting
>restrictions, all heights/weights/ethnicities, you can even wear glasses
>*grin*. Even if you don't fit for one of the speaking parts, or don't want
>to be an actor, I'm happy to have any folks who'd like to be con-goers
>around the principals.
>We'll be rehearsing and shooting on Fridays, and/or weekends for the next
>two weeks either at Brooklyn College's studio or somewhere more central,
>depending on who's interested. Don't feel too shy, the project is just for
>my school production class of 12 people, although if it turns out nicely,
>I'll likely show it at a Metro meeting.
>Also, since the bulk of the scene takes place at an Artists' Alley, if
>anyone has any fan art they could lend me to decorate the set tables and
>walls, that would be excellent. It doesn't have to be anime-specific, or
>gallery-quality, I'm just trying to give a general feeling of the Artists'
>Alley. I'll be free after Christmas, through January, so anything that
>anyone lends me will be kept safely in good care and returned promptly.
>Any interested folks with questions, or even if you just want to say
>"Ganbatte!", drop me a line. *grin* Oh yeah, and if you know of someone
>off-list who'd be interested, feel free to forward this to them.
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