[MA-SOC] Changes for tomorrow's meeting - new shows and increased cover charge at Maui Tacos

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 16 23:39:59 EDT 2008

Just a quick reminder folks, tomorrow's meeting will be held at our regular
venue, Maui Tacos, but with an increased cover charge of $3, since our room
fees went up. Also, we'll be showing the end of one popular off-the wall
comedy, "Seto no Hanayome", and kicking off two more, "Sayonara,
Zetsubou-sensei" and "Minami-ke". 

Zetsubou-sensei is a bizarre send-up of the classic story of a teacher with
a heart of gold and a classful of misfits - except in this case, the
teacher is a maladjusted misfit and his students are normal. That is, if
you count hilariously obsessive and sometimes clueless behavior as "normal".

Minami-ke is a mostly straightforward account of three sisters and their
wacky hijinks when faced with school, friends, first love, and the perils
of coming up with their own amusement. Much of the appeal comes from how
the situations start out innocent and quite common and then go way
off-the-grid after the sisters' mischievous personalities and gross
misconceptions kick in.

Next month, we'll start off our third new series, "Bamboo Blade", a parody
of sports anime based around a budding girls' kendo team that pokes fun at
everything - sentai/team shows, magical girl & transforming robot shows,
anime fans, gangster girls, and another less-than-inspiring oddball teacher.

As usual, we'll also have shows on the roster for our Early Riser and
Viewers' Choice slots, and a selection of anime music videos & more "I'm a
Marvel & I'm a DC" antics. See you Sunday!


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