[MA-SOC] Advice from the Masses, arigatou

B Smith ifuritaoni at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 17:00:16 EST 2007

best thing to do at a con...?

HELLO!  Bishie hunting....?


I mean..what else is there to do at a con? 
Well...okay you got 
*the panel thing (yeah yeah like the schmucks on stage
really know anything useful?  How about some lottery
#s or next hot stock, huh?), the shopping thing (why
buy shit when you can download shit for free!  Fuck
that paying for shit! last sub i got, they missed a
comma....that shit don't fly with me....i work too
hard for my money to spend it on shit when the fucker
missed a fucking comma, y'know?), the friends sthick,
the video room thing, the manga library (who reads
anymore really, its so like...90s), some guests (like
what have they done for us lately, y'know?), but
like....does that seem really...emotionally
fulfilling..spiritually uplifting?

Fuck that.  Get fucked!

--- "Willow (yanagi)" <eandzb at att.net> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> soooooooooo,
> any advice you can give me on what are the best
> things to do
> while at the con?
> how to manage the events as there are tons of things
> going on all
> the time.
> What to pass on and what is can't miss?
> how about food?
> ...is it best to try to only have one meal, like
> dinner and then
> make sure to have breakfast and bring something to
> nosh on so you
> don't  miss anything?
> is it better to hit the merchant tables first and
> then head to
> various daily events so one doesn't miss out on good
> stuff to
> buy?
> so in general.......
> advice to give the anime con newbies?
> and what day would you suggest would be the best day
> to cosplay
> if you only will do it one day?
> friday, saturday or sunday?
> I do plan on throwing in a couple of luna bars in my
> bag but
> other then that I figured I'd have to have at least
> one meal down
> there.
> =^_^=
> ja mata,
> Willow
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