[MA-SOC] Anime festival-meeting people?

Rob Kohr rob at kohrtoons.com
Thu Nov 29 15:15:34 EST 2007

Willow. I'll be around of course and for any one else who wants to  
read this shamless plug, I am at dealer booth 120 near Central Park  
media. Stop buy if you want to say hey, I won't push anything other  
than my raffle and mailing list.   Though i am selli g stuff. So just  
say hey!


On Nov 29, 2007, at 1:10 PM, "Willow (yanagi)" <eandzb at att.net> wrote:

> hi folks,
> hey it's a week away till the Anime festival  (dec 7th-9th) and I
> was wondering if people are going to try to get together at the
> festival, meet up somewhere and/or figure out how to find others
> during the festival at times?
> I know once we are all there (for whatever days everyone is
> going, I"ll be there fri, sat and sunday) people will want to go
> to different things at different times but it would be so much
> more fun to actually meet up with others and hang for some of it.
> who is cosplaying and what days? I want to for at least one of
> the days but not sure if there is one day better then another to
> do so and kind of would love to be with others who may be doing
> some sort of cosplay.
> maybe some of us can even exchange cell numbers and I can always
> be with a friend with a cell I'm sure, hope to hope at any given
> time as I don't have one (stop that laughing, I hear ya;-p) but
> this way people can find each other as needed.
> also meals.....anyone planning to meet up for those, like dinner
> or something?
> I know there is a maid cafe for some foods but assume people also
> like to gather for a meal or something?
> this is my first anime con, so this is my first shout out and
> I"ll await others to shout out as well:-)
> hopefully see some planning before next friday!
>> ^_^<
> ja mata,
> Willow
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