[MA-SOC] {catch up email} New York Anime Festival

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 29 11:33:32 EST 2007

>;-}...I don't think I was saying I would tease, I was making a joke that hey,
>if someone thinks I'm a certain character then I'd agree since maybe my costume
>will spark someone's idea of who it may be....
>I would however say to them that wasn't my intention and explain my costume but
>also thank them for letting me know it does look like someone.

Yeah, that's what I meant, not that questions are bad. *shakes head vigorously* Nobody knows every anime/game/manga/book/movie character, and then there are original cosplays. It's always cool to ask & answer and chat with (nice) strangers *grin*.

There were some really cool, unusual costumes at this year's ANext & MangaNext, including a Harry & Hermione pair, a lady in this tall, elaborate phoenix-like costume (not sure which game it was from, maybe FFXII?), a pair of tricked-out gothic lolitas, and a family where all 3 little kids (ages 4, 2, <1) were dressed as chibis from Inu-Yasha (as Rin, Kanna, and Shippo, respectively). Dan & I got pics, but we haven't gone through 'em yet.

>at the cherry blossom festival I
>didn't even dress up but what I was wearing and how my hair was some people
>actually thought I was Robin from witch hunter robin..all good to me:-)

Hah! Well, you *are* a wiccan IIRC, and if I may say, something of an artsy-type, so maybe they weren't that far-off, right? *grin* Anybody remember the con where a bride from the other side of the hotel got mistaken for a Wedding Peach/Sailor Moon cosplayer? Maybe it's an anime urban legend...


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