[MA-SOC] Fansubbers are evil! Oh hell yeah....well

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 28 13:06:37 EST 2007

>We all do our shares of both buying and d/ling. ... Watch DVDs and listen to the English track only, then you'd be happy right?

No, that's just the point, not everybody does do "their share" of buying. Obviously, everyone has competing expenses (food, school, rent, *and* anime*), and you can't buy everything that's draws your interest. But as a reasonable and "old-timey" fan, I can't accept the argument that it's okay to exclusively or largely download anime (illegally, for free) and yet cry foul when anime companies complain about fansubbers' stealing.

Even before torrents and digisubs-on-DVD, there were fans who did a mix of legitimate purchases/rentals of commercial anime and obtaining/watching illegal fansubs, and there were fans who just leeched and never paid. It's got little to do with dubs vs. subs, or your desire for "anime purity", and mostly has to do with personal ethics. 

Whatever your personal decision, at least accept the reality of the situation. It doesn't make the anime companies hypocritical or evil to say fansub distribution is illegal and hurts their revenues. And just because we're lucky enough to enjoy an illegal, though somewhat efficient, anime distribution network, don't expect unreasonable standards of "free anime for everybody, all the time, immediately" from any commercial enterprise. Voice actors, scriptwriters & directors, and even sales & marketing folks all need to get paid, too.


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