[MA-SOC] Fansubbers are evil! Oh hell yeah....well

B Smith ifuritaoni at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 11:15:20 EST 2007

Ah!  But that's the problem....once something exists
IN the digital plane....it never leaves.  Hell...we
all know that a majority of the time, a fansub group
that gets a cease-and-desist order will IGNORE the
ultimatum, to the cheers of the fandom.  In many cases
a hot property like Death Note and Naruto and Bleach
will be subbed by multiple groups so tying down one
group will not stop the bleeding (so to speak).

To this day there are online archives and bittorrents
availabe for series dating back to the mid 80s like
Bubblegum Crisis and Iczer 1, so fansubbing in some
ways DOES affect the bottom line because once it's out
there, it doesn't go away and can't be eradicated.

More importantly - as much as everyone on the list
generally seems to disdain dubs and are like "put out
subs sooner...like the day after airing in japan...or
better yet concurrently...you have the tech...so do it
NOW NOW NOW or I'll get the fansub and you will never
see a cent of my $$ EVAH" (yes this is an exaggeration
but think about it for a second, kay?) -it's DUBBING
is what has grown the anime industry in America.

Anime on TV like Pokemon, Robotech, Sailor Moon,
Voltron, etc is what put Anime (the artist formerly
known as "Japanimation") on the map...It was the
explosion of things like Pokemon cards and whatnot
that got kids from coast to coast as young as 6 to
want anime; NOT the core fandom who are like "if you
can't bother to read the subs and revel in the purity
of Japanese - a language not even half of METRO
#$#@$#$ understands - you can go #$#$@# yourselves
n00bs".  Sorry but the hardcore mentality that some
older fans have (along with the B.O.  peeuuuuu) has
done nothing to get new fans involved and anime into
the mainstream.  

While many on the list think the world is better off
without dubs at all, dubs have done more to help push
anime into the stratosphere than any single hardcore
fan/group effort to date.  Aired programs ranging from
Pokemon to Inuyasha to Ghost in the Shell to Tenchi to
VanDread to FLCL to Paranoia Agent have expanded the
fandom by proving that there is something for everyone
and even as we speak, ppl who might not have been
familiar with the titles before are now BECOMING
Bleach fans, Death Note fans, Naruto fans thanks to
the power of Adult Swim.    

Behold...the power of dubs!  (Note from management, we
do not officialy endorse all dubs; but note some
aren't bad and that just because japanese voices are a
certain way should not mean that american companies
should ape them to the point of recreating annoyingly
squeaky little girl voices)
B Smith, unrepentant

--- Daniel Marx <dmarx621 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I wasn't trying to excuse it entirely. I was just
> saying that there
> are other causes for the downturn in sales. You
> can't blame it all on
> fansubbers (especially not those who stop
> distribution when it becomes
> available here).
> On 11/25/07 B Smith wrote:
> >Dude....
> >
> >I do not wish to contradict you but no matter how
> you
> >cut it, it's stealing in one fashion or another.
> >
> >If someone breaks into your house and steals your
> >stuff leaving a note saying "sorry, but it's a
> >recession", are you going to nod your head in deep
> >philosophical understanding or are you going to be
> >pissed and say what you paid for is YOURS, end of
> >story.  Sorry but to advocate theft in any way - be
> it
> >digital or monetary or physical - is to my mind
> >totally wrong and inexcusible.
> >
> >Unless you can tell me that on the grounds of
> >recession it's okay to pull up to the gas station,
> hit
> >the pump, then flee at top speed; I don't see how
> >anyone here can philsophically justify the theft
> via
> >internet of anime.  Please prove me wrong.  Go
> ahead.
> >(PS, this is not a matter of simply taking the
> moral
> >highground, considering I am a cocksucking faggot
> who
> >downloads too on some lvls....)
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> "To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread
> out before you, and
> hold intimate converse with men of unseen
> generations--such is a
> pleasure beyond compare."
> --Kenko Yoshida, 1340
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