[MA-SOC] OT: Did internet kill The Dresden Files? aka the Truth behind Nielsen...

B Smith ifuritaoni at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 18 16:30:49 EST 2007

Well...actually in a way I know I'm mostly preaching
to the choir since I know most of ya'll try to buy
something, I just think there needs to be a lot less
making excuses because none of us here are rich but we
all NEED to do our part to keep the media vital and

I mean, lets face it...we're all poor yet i don't see
anyone on the list making excuses why we shouldn't
pump a full tank then flee the gas station or have
group dinners then all run out before the bill comes,
so it's kinda odd to see ppl making excuses it's okay
to steal digital media.  It makes it sound - despite
us all being working and tax paying adults - like many
are advocating it's morally okay to steal as long as
you can get away with it.  Would it help if there was
greater law enforcement in the digital plane as there
at the gas stations?  Would it be better if the
enforcement and penalties for theft on digital plane
were as stringent and severe as on the physical plane?

Anyway, bringing it all back to Mandisa's original
arguement, we should all just be aware of ourselves
and make a conscious effort to be just a bit more
active to help keep the things we love alive. 


--- vinnypau at aol.com wrote:

>  I always thought the cable company just counted
> what channel your box tuner was set to.? It didn't
> count tivos, vcrs / whatever.? Do they have
> something more advanced to detect recorders??? 
>  I actually don't watch commercials on tv if I can
> avoid it they just waste my time.? 
> Lets put it simply like this.? If you watch 6 hour
> long shows on TV normally you spend 6 hours and
> watch comercials.? If you watch it in tvio you can
> spend as little as 40 minutes per show and that
> equals 2 more hours to do whatever you want be it?
> play warcraft or work on cosplay, cook, clean,
> study, work and make money etc.
> I do buy stuff although I cut back a lot since I'm
> school.? Those of you that been over my old apt. saw
> my shelves of dvds and manga. ? Sure I don't have
> nearly as much as Woo but I still have boxes and
> boxes of it in the basement now.? I do preorder
> stuff at discount rates and take advantage of all
> deals so I rarely pay full retail price but I do
> believe in buying stuff.
> I did actually pick up the heroes box set, it is
> still sealed though I was going to get it signed at
> the signing but I couldn't get into the city till
> later on.
> The dvds tend to have some nice extras like making
> ofs, bloopers,? and deleted scenes that you don't
> get on TV or in the theater which make them worth
> getting other then the fact that you are supporting
> the industry.
> I will be picking up the Dresden Files box set at
> some point.
> It seems no one gives anything a chance anymore.? If
> its not an instant run away success it gets the
> chopping block.?? Dresden Files, Drive, I forget
> that other cool alien show all got cut during or
> after their first season, I liked them and so did
> many of my friends.? Its the same with card games,
> miniature games and video games..? Dreamblade a game
> I just started playing in May got cut this Sept
> after only a year on the market.? Magic took a few
> years to really get big.?? Alot of MMOs have shut
> down within a year of release.
> Vinny Pau
> vinnypau at aol.com
> "Watch your thoughts; they become words.
> Watch your words; they become actions.
> Watch your actions; they become habits.
> Watch your habits; they become character.
> Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."
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> Dresden Files? aka the Truth behind Nielsen...
> Okay, as someone who is, sorry to sound arrogant,
> but
> probably the only expert here with Nielsen (since I
> #$$@#$@ work with it every #$@$@# week at #@$#
> work);
> as follows: Tivo don't count for #$@#$$.  
> Now you ask why? Because truth be known, no company
> gives a #$@#$ what you watch so long as you "watch"
> the commercials.  They'd put commercials in porn if
> it
> wasn't for all the backlash they'd suffer.  Now you
> may go to the bathroom or read a manga or get up to
> get snacks but there is research to date has proven
> NO
> one doesn't watch any commercials.  In an hour long
> show, you might miss some/most but odds are at some
> point your fat lazy asses are gonna sit there and
> your
> eyeballs will catch SOME commericals during an hour
> long show (btw this is based on hour long shows like
> Prison Break/24/Lost, not Seinfeld or something). 
> You
> know you do, so fess up.  Argue and whine but ya'll
> know it if it didn't happen this week, it happened
> last week or will happen next week...
> Now, what this has to do with Tivo....simple....Tivo
> is all about SKIPPING the commercials.  People
> record
> shows and rampage past the commercials.  The company
> pay money for ppl to see their ads.  They are NOT
> paying for viewer enjoyment or information (they
> donate to PBS for that #$@$@), they are paying to be
> seen and heard.  Tivo is about remote recording, and
> as often as not ppl DON"T even watch all the
> episodes
> they record(!).  (WTF?!?) But they are definitely
> watching the commercials....so while the
> networks/cable and Tivo want Tive viewership to
> count
> - making them more "valuable", the
> corporations/sponsors have been dead set against it
> because they couldn't care less about they show,
> it's
> THEIR message that counts and want the most for
> their
> money (same as everyone else, right?).
> Commericals don't work...that's what you think but
> it
> does work on some lvls....it only depends on what
> your
> into but gamers respond to buzz in magazines/online.
> Yes, everyone likes to think they are better and
> more
> individual and unique and whatnot but 
> Yes, Vinny, you may feel that your time is wasted on
> commericals but others might feel that the half hour
> you've saved not watching commericals might be
> better
> used than spending it endlessly playing Magic cards
> until late at night, basically just exchanging one
> corporate animal for another (sorry but no matter
> how
> much fun, ccgs are just as corporate and commercial
> as
> anything else).
> Ralph, you have no idea how much product placement
> is
> ALREADY in television/primetime, etc.  Problem is,
> if
> you remember the Truman Show and it's exaggerated
> product placement and even reciting company jingos,
> ppl respond VERY negatively to obvious/prolonged
> product exposure as "distracting", "shameless" etc. 
> There IS no right answer but as this WHOLE
> discussion
> is about, one thing we can agree on: no one wants to
> pay for #$#@$@#.  If it wasn't for corporate
> sponsorship investing in network shows like Heroes,
> sad to say that the great show would wither and die
> because everyone loves the show but how many ppl
> bought the #$#@# DVD when it came out?  For #$@#$#@
> sakes, Anthony borrowed from me to copy!!!!  I know
> a
> few ppl will settle for it from
> Netflix/library/blockbuster retail but
> still....gotta
> go out and buy some #$#$@# otherwise it all goes the
> way of Firefly.
> Brian, unrepentant corporate shill
> --- vinnypau at aol.com wrote:
> > 
> >  That is unfortunate.? I really enjoyed Dresden
> > Files.? Does tivo count as viewer ship?
> > 
> > I tivo every American show I watch.? I prefer to
> > watch the shows on my own time and I can pause
> them
> > if I get interrupted.? Also? I just don't have
> time
> > to watch comercials with so many things to do.?
> You
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