[MA-SOC] Golden Compass (was - BEOWULF, anyone?)

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>From the posters I've seen (still have yet to see a commercial... but I guess they don't run them on Bravo, HGTV or Food Network) they're pushing it as "Litte girl with huge armored polar bear.  Oh yeah, Nicole Kidman and the latest James Bond are in it too."

There *was* a 9th-hour edit.  In the interest of keeping the movie focused on Lyra and her world, they've cut the action from the last three chapters of the book out, and will include that part of the story with the 2nd film.  I actually don't think that's a bad idea, especially since the 2nd book was the shortest of the trilogy.


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>But there's still Enchanted (comes out next Wed.) and Golden Compass (comes out wkend of NYAF). Although the latest batch of GC trailers are trying to sell the movie as "whimsical child saves the world with a pocket-watch",
>which it so isn't... Hope that doesn't blow up in their faces, and I hope
>they didn't re-edit the movie in the 11th hour (*cough* Dark is Rising

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