[MA-SOC] O/T: Numb3rs comic con episode!

Danielle Schneider merriwebtwo at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 17 13:42:12 EST 2007

Don't know if there are any fans of the CBS show
Numb3rs here, but I thought that I'd mention that next
Friday's ep will take place at a comic book

Friday, November 23, 10pm et/pt
Charlie works to find an extremely rare comic that was
stolen during a deadly robbery at a comic book
convention. Guest stars Christopher Lloyd and Wil
Wheaton. TVPG-LV

It's a smart, fun show -- in a nutshell (for those
who've never watched) the FBI has a math genius
helping them solve crimes with math.

So even if it's not a show people here usually watch,
it'd be cool to see how they portray a comic con.


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