[MA-SOC] Justin Sevakis remembers Steve Pearl

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A very nice eulogy there.  And there was something else in it that caught my attention:

"It's easy to let the reality of aging and the bitter taste of life experience weigh us down, in this world we've made for ourselves. The annoyance of an obnoxious Narutard or a forum spammer can touch off the grouchy old man in us all. But it's important that we be able to keep an open mind; to adapt to our surroundings. Because only the old people don't have any fun."

This is something I deal with a lot in my current position as a reviewer for AMN, actually.  It's terribly easy to cop a cynical attitude and to act like you've seen it all -- especially when it's next to impossible to have physically seen it all to begin with, and it's certainly not true in my case.  I haven't seen it all, but sometimes I feel like I've seen enough to get away with saying that.

I'll be honest: I get sent a lot of crap.  Or stuff that I would reflexively dismiss as crap, and I'm tempted to -- but still, I know better than to do that now.  I have to work from a couple of assumptions every time I tear off the top edge sticker on a DVD or break the shrinkwrap on a book -- that everyone's tastes are different, that mine are not the end-all of everything, and -- most importantly -- that there is at least something of value to be found in any given title that hits my desk.

That's where the open-minded part figures in for me.  When you get down to it, the wonder of it all exists, if only sometimes in a very rarefied form, in just about all of this material; you just have to keep your eyes open for it.  And then every now and then you have a "Tekkonkinreet" or a "Mind Game" or a "Spirited Away" or a "Berserk" or [insert title here] that reminds you all over again.

The whole reason I got into this scene, when you get down to it, was because the overwhelming majority of the people I met in it were incredibly welcoming.  They were just flattered by the fact that someone was curious about something they were curious about, too, and wanted to turn that outwards.  If I can do a little of that each time I sit down to write something up, I'm probably doing all right.

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