[MA-SOC] OT: Did internet video kill The Dresden Files?

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 17 11:31:37 EST 2007

You know, if you're really a loyal fan, you should buy the individual discs that comes out every two months instead of buying the discounted thin pack at the end of a series's release run.  

Maybe I'm just not used to the entired American anime industry thing, since I used to grow up in HK watching all anime on the airwaves for free.  

I'm d/l'ing most anime "unsubbed" now, so I'm thinking myself as watching anime live from Jpn broadcast.  Otherwise, I don't know when the US would release "Eyeshield 21" on DVDs here.

The American anime/manga release is indeed slow, if I were to read Viz's YuYu Hakusho, I would still be on Vol. 11, instead of finishing the series back in 94. Video games however don't have as serious a problem as anime, here we get Wii's Mario Galaxy only 1 week after Jpn and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles at the same time.  Yes, I want to play or watch things when they're new, not two years or over later.  and for that people would pay extra if the release is timely.

Most of my expense goes toward Jpn manga in Kinokuniya, about $40/month on average (~5-6 books), but I blow big money on games, especially this month,...

Mario Galaxy -- $50
RE Umbrella Chronicles -- $50
Link's Crossbow w/ Zapper -- $20

R-type Tactics -- $25

ASH/Archaic Sealed Heat -- $45
Bungaku Zenshuu -- $25

And probably more I don't remember... otherwise I imported 3 anime/game soundtracks (FF7 Crisis Core, Gurren-Lagaan, & EVA movie), so I don't know, those sales go to Jpn instead of here...

For my fav. shows though, I actually don't mind collecting them, I'm getting the DBZ sets by Funimation now, even though it's cropped in this "widescreen" version...  

Oh, I'm reading the latest Naruto manga chapter every week online, not the scanlation, just the raw scans.  I don't mind buying a Shounen Jump for 4 bucks every week, but they take soo much room.  People in Jpn read them in restaurants for free anyway.

Yeah, skipping on the commercials saves lots of time, since that brings to an anime episode's time down to ~22 mins.   which is what I can afford every night.


> Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 07:43:31 -0800
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> Subject: Re: [MA-SOC] OT: Did internet video kill The Dresden Files?
> As follows, clear and simple....
> While YES, I have downloaded a ton of anime, read a
> lot of scanlations, and otherwise engaged in
> illegal/immoral activity....I remain a MAJOR proponent
> of BUYING crap.  I am not so unrealistic or
> hypocritical to advocate a zero tolerance policy
> towards anime/manga/television.......gods know no one
> has the time or money to buy EVERYTHING....
> But there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE to not buy
> SOMETHING.  I don't care what the reasons are.  I've
> heard a million of them.  I'm a student.  I'm poor. 
> The official stuff don't come out fast enough. 
> Company X's dub sucks.  The subbed translations aren't
> "accurate".  They're big companies, so a few bucks
> don't make a difference.  Etc etc etc.  
> Cry me a #$#@$# river.  I am NOT saying ppl should buy
> absolutely EVERYTHING but some mother#$@$@$ don't buy
> #$#@$#!  WTF?!  Sorry, but that's WRONG.  People in
> the anime industry need to eat just as much as the
> auto industry, real estate, hi-tech, etc.  Why is
> wrong to steal a car but okay to steal a microsoft
> program or NCSoft game or an ADV Anime?  One could say
> "they're more expensive"....well..like TV shows on DVD
> and such, I say if MORE ppl would buy them, the price
> would go DOWN.  Hey, gas prices are going up despite
> ppl still being poor, i don't see anyone saying "lets
> steal gas".  Maybe that's because ppl can't get away
> with stealing gas while one can easily steal
> anime/manga/etc makes it okay.  
> As someone who works in a major entertainment
> corporation and sitting directly on the 50 yard line
> between fan and industry, I understand that ppl have
> problems, expenses, etc....BUT that's not an excuse to
> not at least buy a couple of a FEW dvds, mangas, and
> other merchandise (plushies, bookbags, headbands, etc
> etc) per year.  Some fans don't even do THAT.  EVERY
> dollar counts.  EVERY purchase counts.  EVERY person
> tuning in counts.  So many ppl complain that there's
> nothing good on TV....well guess what...That's why a
> ton of good stuff falls through the cracks.  Star Wars
> lives on despite the drop in quality (okay, cheap shot
> and a whole 'nother flame war right there) because ppl
> STILL buy the toys, buy the books, buy the magazines,
> buy the DVDs, attend the cons.  Shows like Dresden
> Files die slow agonizing deaths
> The end of the day, the money talks.  I have nothing
> against the downloading but for the shows I like
> Heroes and BattleStar Galactica....say what you will
> about them, i damn well put my #$@$@ money where my
> #$@#$ mouth and bought those #$#@$ DVD box sets. 
> Until everyone takes a stand and lets their dollars be
> counted; networks, film producers, toy manufacturers,
> book publishers, theater directors will go for
> whatever crap will get them the most money.  The death
> of culture is not porn, it's indifference and willful
> ignorance.   
> People can bitch all they want about stuff taken of
> youtube and bittorrent servers being shut down by the
> cops but all that stuff is totally unpaid for,
> therefore it's an entitlement.....NOT a #$#@ right as
> a  #$@$ US citizen!  Steve Pearl, thank gods at least,
> died seeing the anime fandom and industry flourish and
> that was because ppl in the 80s and 90s BOUGHT and
> PAID for their anime.  Adult Swim exists because anime
> sells, not because Cartoon Network has nothing better
> to do or just because they think anime is cool.   
> We wouldn't even BE here right now, with anime cons
> and such if the anime industry didn't take off a
> decade before technology caught up to it.  Imagine if
> anime tried to take off in the late 90s or early 00s
> rather than the 80s.....all the rampant downloading
> and such would have strangled the budding industry
> before it took root and all the anime cons,
> television, whatnot we know today would have been
> stunted or pruned.
> Think about it.  Next time you go buying CCG cards, or
> big bags of potato chips, or and another 200G hard
> drive to save more downloads, a trip to another
> con/another state/another country, another month's
> subscription of World of Warcraft/Warhammer
> online/guild wars/LOTR online/#$@% etc, a new pair of
> Nikes with the little wheels on the bottom, think that
> maybe if you can afford that, you can save up to buy
> just ONE manga or dvd.    
> Just think about that.
> B Smith, unrepentant industry insider who's seen how
> executives use numbers and crap to shoot down good
> stuff while continuing to push reality TV (because,
> sad to say, the stuff STILL #$#@$# SELLS!!!!)
> --- Mandisa Washington <mandisaw at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > This ended up being long even edited (8PP), so feel
> > free to scan ahead or just skip to the question at
> > the end) *heh*
> > 
> > So with the current Screenwriters' Guild strike
> > imposing sort of a looming shadow on TV & movie
> > entertainment, naturally all sorts of pundits come
> > out of the woodwork with crackpot ideas. The Times
> > had such an article today, Web Videos Stealing TV
> > Viewers, and Marketers
> >
> (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/16/business/media/16adco.html?pagewanted=print),
> > focusing on episodic video shorts produced
> > commercially specifically for internet release (as
> > opposed to TV-release or news-soundbites). 
> > 
> > The Times article spends a lot of time
> > differentiating these videos from say, fan-made
> > videos, by their use of commercial sponsors and
> > product placement, like broadcast TV. To the article
> > writer's credit (maybe) he doesn't offer much info
> > on whether the videos are any good as entertainment,
> > rather than as 15-min commercials. You can check out
> > the article for reference, but I'm wondering if
> > maybe these guys are (yet again) missing the point
> > and thus making the problem worse. 
> > 
> > Broadcast networks realized that people were getting
> > their TV show fix without commercials, by
> > downloading illegally online or by hooking up DVRs
> > or Tivo's. So now they offer TV shows for legal
> > download from network websites or iTunes, with 
> > un-fast-forwardable commercials stuffed in. Add to
> > that whatever rights management and/or fees they're
> > applying to what otherwise is freely distributed
> > over the airwaves. I suppose these methods are meant
> > to bolster their TV-based income, but the
> > techno-savvy folks such a method is aimed at will
> > probably ditch it for the Tivo or 'Torrent avenue
> > anyway.
> > 
> > Do we care if networks can't make enough advertising
> > money on TV shows? Well, yes and no. I doubt any
> > corporate network will go under because of a lack of
> > ad money, so TV will keep going. But lots of good
> > shows have been axed because they couldn't command
> > enough ad-backing (that's what the ratings are for).
> > 
> > 
> > And so we come to "The Dresden Files". If you didn't
> > watch it, it was a pretty slick supernatural
> > detective story on Sci-Fi over the summer. Fans of
> > the original book series liked it, new viewers and
> > critics liked it, and it was popular online,
> > according to fan-sites and Sci-fi Channel's forums.
> > Two weeks before the DVD box set came out, it was
> > canceled/non-renewed for a second season because
> > "the numbers didn't add up".
> >
> (http://cc.tvguide.liveworld.com/blog-entry/TVGuide-Editors-Blog/Roush-Dispatch/Dresden-Sci-Fis/800019821)
> > 
> > Maybe the viewers of The Dresden Files weren't
> > watching the show when Sci-Fi Channel was counting.
> > Or maybe there weren't enough members of the target
> > demographic, which I recall was car-buyers and
> > shampoo-sniffers. But I suspect they were mostly
> > people like me & Dan, who downloaded the show to
> > watch later, and so were uncountable. And thus a
> > really popular show gets canceled for low ratings.
> > 
> > Not unsurprisingly, the same problem I've rambled on
> > about is of pressing concern in the anime business
> > as well. Japanese companies have hyper-paranoid
> > restrictions on reverse-importation, i.e. Japanese
> > viewers buying American-pressed anime DVDs 'cause
> > they're cheaper. American companies are hurting
> > financially because DVD-sales are down, so some of
> > them are trying variations on online-distribution.
> > But none of that puts a dent in illegal downloading
> > or DVD-copying. 
> > 
> > Aside from the illegalness of downloading/copying
> > discs, there's also the increased chance that shows
> > will get dropped mid-release because the companies
> > can't accurately gauge interest. Heck, unlike TV
> > networks, anime companies (or divisions) aren't that
> > big to start off, so they can actually go out of
> > business for sufficiently low revenue. I've got no
> > clue what the solution is. I like and need the
> > convenience of downloading, but in hindsight, I
> > would've rather had a second season of Dresden.
> > 
> > What're your thoughts, folks? Sound-off if you've
> > got an opinion.
> > 
> > Mandisa
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