[MA-SOC] This Sunday's meeting - Turning points, "sugar and spice", and oddball comedies

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 16 23:01:38 EST 2007

It's cold outside, and the leaves are (finally) falling from the trees.
What better way to spend this Sunday before the city streets are clogged
with tourists than to nurse a hot cup of cocoa (or cider) and watch some
anime with your fellow MA'ers. 

>From our regular lineup, a carefree (and free-of-charge) hot springs
adventure with Sunako, Noi-chan, and the fabulous foursome yields bloody
murder and passion at the ping-pong table in Yamato Nadeshiko/The
Wallflower. In Seto no Hanayome, just as the school starts to recover from
mermaid pop-idol Lunar's cataclysmic rivalry with San, two whacked-out
mermen suitors arrive and shake things up again.

Pumpkin Scissors builds quickly towards its confrontational climax, as
Section III's investigation into the so-secret Order of the Silver Wheel
takes them high into the ranks of both the military and the nobility, while
Alice's responsibilities as a noblewoman start to catch up to her.
Meanwhile, Nodame, Chiaki and the crew head out to a musicians' retreat and
learn some painful lessons just in time for the long-awaited head-to-head
competition of Orchestra S vs. Orchestra A at the school festival.

By the way, if any of our Nodame-following music-lovers are interested, the
Wikipedia episode guide says which classical pieces were played by whom for
each episode of Nodame Cantabile.

For our Early Riser spot at the head of the program, we'll have a bit of
"sugar and spice". Shugo Chara, an adorable magical girl show about a tough
middle-school girl who wishes to find her "true would-be self" and gets
three sprites representing different aspects of her desired personality.
It's a little cute, and a little wacky, sweet but not too saccharine, and
the manga is by the same creator-group as Rozen Maiden (Peach-Pit). 

On the other side, Shion no Ou, the Flowers of Hard Blood, is an eerie
mystery about a girl whose shogi-master parents were murdered in front of
her when she was 4. Since then, she refuses to speak, but becomes a
top-seated shogi player in an attempt to find her parents' killers in the
cutthroat world of competitive shogi (a Japanese game similar to chess, and
arguably as popular as go). This ain't your Hikaru no Go, folks.

And finally, two truly off-the-wall candidates for Viewers' Choice. First,
we have Bamboo Blade, a side-grippingly silly parody of sports shows and
team shows featuring a lazy kendo teacher who is motivated by a bet to
build the very best girls' kendo team. Through hilarious circumstances, he
gets a misfit team including a star player who wants to fight "for justice"
like her favorite TV sentai show, and a gorgeous tough-girl with a cute,
silly facade who just likes to beat people up.

Second, we have Minami-ke, a tale of three sisters on their own with
mismatched personalities and just-that-side of crazy interactions with each
other and with their school friends. The first few episodes leave me
rolling on the floor, but, since I have siblings, it seems all too true.
There's Haruka, the oldest sister, who tries to be calm and takes good care
of her sisters, but she's surrounded by silliness at school and at home.
Chiaki, the youngest sister, wants to be like Haruka, but has an acerbic
wit and a totally deadpan delivery of all kinds of casual meanness. And
then there's Kana, the slightly dim, hyperactive middle sister, who would
be the star of everybody's life, if she just had time aside from tormenting
Chiaki (and being tormented back).

So come join us and bring your hot beverage, eat some nachos, and watch
some anime!


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