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Lovely photo.... looks like a sweet guy.  It is always tragic when a  person 
passes before his/her time, especially a person who has touched so many  lives 
in such a positive way.
I wish I'd known him.  Condolences to his family -- I will remember  him in 
my prayers.
Your friend,
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I am  sorry to hear of Steve Pearl's passing.  We knew each other  only
slightly, and he was always friendly.

When I was a newbie anime  fan in Ohio in the early 1990s, I mailed him a
diskette so he could load it  with Ranma synopses for me; that was our first

I saw him at  conventions.  We both attended each Otakon from 1995 through
2000, and  several Katsucons in the same period.

The first time I met him up close  and personal was at the Yaohan (now
Mitsuwa) Japanese shopping center in  Edgewater, New Jersey, at the start of
a New York City Anime Tour (NYCAT);  the one for Spring 1998, I think.

I ran into him at Otakon 1999 in  Baltimore while he was talking to Steve
Bennett; when they saw me, each  started to introduce me to the other one.  A
few minutes later, I took  a picture of them together; here it  is:


Steve  Pearl is on the right, and Steve Bennett is next to him.  (I  don't
recognize the guy behind them on the far left.)

(For those who  don't know who quasi-celebrity Steve Bennett is, or how I
came to know him,  that is a longish story for another time.)

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