[MA-SOC] Steve Pearl dead, was "Tis a sad day"

B Smith ifuritaoni at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 10:23:56 EST 2007

As interesting note on both the respect and
appreciation Steve Pearl garnered over the years, his
death was noted on today's postings in Anime News


"Steve Pearl, the moderator of the online
rec.arts.anime.misc newsgroup from the late 1980s to
the mid-1990s, has passed away over the weekend. He
was also as the author of the rec.arts.anime.misc list
of frequently asked questions and the Anime/Manga
Convention Guide. In 1992, Pearl co-founded the
Atlantic Anime Alliance, a social group of anime fans
in the New York City area. He attended various
Northeast anime conventions, including every Otakon
from 1994 to 2000, as a fan guest of honor, and for a
time, worked as a consultant for NuTech Digital. 

In 1995, former Gainax president Toshio Okada, who is
known in Japan as the Otaking, met Pearl at the Anime
East convention. Okada then bestowed on him the title
of the "American Otaking." 

Pearl had been suffering from diabetes for a number of
years, and recently underwent a leg amputation."

Say what one will about him, he was one of the
pioneers of east coast anime fandom and respect shall
be paid.

B Smith

--- ralphyoung at optonline.net wrote:

> I met Steve over ten years ago and at that point he
> was already having serious-to-critical problems.  He
> got progressively worse over the years and that he
> lasted as long as he did was surprising to most
> everybody.  That includes Steve himself, as
> demonstrated by the blog he kept, which I followed
> intermittently for several years before I found it
> too depressing to continue.  I was fond of him
> though we were never friends, and he pretty much
> embodied a whole breed and era of fandom.  
> For those of you who don't know who Steve Pearl was,
> he was very likely the most hardcore anime fan in
> the late 1980s through mid 90s.  In the early years
> of the PC boom before the flowering of the World
> Wide Web and proliferation of web-based message
> boards, Steve organized and moderated the Usenet
> group Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc, by far the most popular
> and centralized source of anime information for fans
> in the United States.  Steve's fame as a fan was
> such that during a trip to America Toshio Okada,
> former president of Gainax studios and possibly the
> most prominent expert on the "otaku phenomenon" in
> the world, shared his favored title of "Otaking"
> with Steve as his American counterpart (Okada was
> the mastermind behind the anime Otaku no Video,
> which coined the term Otaking in the first place). 
> Chet Jasinski, one of the founders of Metro Anime,
> teamed up with Steve to co-found the Atlantic Anime
> Alliance, the largest East Coast anime fan
> organization in the 1990s, which Metro!
>   was a member club of for several years.  Steve had
> severe diabetes problems that ultimately proved
> fatal for him.
> Many of the older Metro members were close friends
> with Steve.  He will be missed.
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> From: Danny Minhas 
> Date: Monday, November 12, 2007 8:01 pm
> Subject: Re: [MA-SOC] Tis a sad day
> To: Metro Anime New York City--social list 
> > Yeah, I just found out from Cindy. He's also a
> reminder that we 
> > need to take care of our health. He had diabetes
> for many years 
> > and when his kidneys failed he put up a very
> strong fight. 
> > 
> > 
> > Richard Fung wrote: 
> > Dang :(! Are you serious Dan? *sigh*... Steve was
> one of the 
> > pioneers of anime over here and was a wonderful
> guy.. just 
> > reminds us of how fragile life is.. He would be
> missed...
> > 
> > Rich
> > 
> > 
> > 
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> > 16:19:43 -0800> From: sejiro at yahoo.com> To:
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> day>> I know 
> > this will pretty much only be for the older
> members of the Metro 
> > Anime list, so I'm going to make this as short as
> possible.>> I 
> > don't have all of the details, but Steve Pearl
> passed away over 
> > the weekend. From what I can recall, Steve was
> actively involved 
> > in Metroanime in it's very early days.>> I believe
> a Shiva will 
> > be starting at his house on Wednesday in Howell,
> NJ. For those 
> > wanting more information I'll give updates as soon
> as I find out 
> > more myself.>> -Danny>>>
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