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I agree about the conflicting panel options.  But having too many choices is *much* better than having little or no choice, which used to be the case at many conventions.  However, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the programming at NYAF.  A lot of it looks too similar to the programming at AnimeNext and MangaNext.

I would have liked to attend the Samurai and the Woodblock Prints panels, but they're on Sunday, and I'll only be at NYAF on Saturday.  It would have been interesting to hear an expert on Japanese film speak about one of my favorite art history subjects.

Meeting for lunch is tricky when there is nonstop programming.  I would think meeting for dinner would be easier.  My choice for a dinner gathering would be for Saturday night.  Preferably somewhere away from the Times Square or 34th Street areas.


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>OMG, that's what I call "an embarrassment of riches"!  Amazing lineup  of 
>panels, with an impressive spectrum of topics, including enough  traditional 
>J-culture to keep this Metoro Okaasan very, very happy.
>But it's also a bit cruel.  Who's the sadist who scheduled Avatar  the Last 
>Airbender, Symbolism in Anime, and Ninja panels at the same  time?  Why oh why 
>is the Translation Roundtable pitted against Anime  Outtakes?  And what makes 
>these guys think J-horror fans wouldn't enjoy the  standup comedy of Uncle Yo? 
> *sigh*  Unfair, unfair, unfair!   (Wouldn't it be lovely if we could record 
>simultaneous real-life events the  way we record simultaneous TV shows?)
>Well, folks, we've still got nearly 4 weeks to make up our minds.   Meantime, 
>if anyone here feels drawn to any of the above panels -- or plans to  attend 
>the Kabuki, Woodblock Prints, or Samurai panels -- let me know and maybe  we 
>can arrange to meet at those events.
>(And now might also be a good time to start discussing a lunch or  dinner 
>get-together for Metro Anime NYAF attendees.  What do you  think?)

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