[MA-SOC] New York Anime Festival

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 11 12:26:38 EST 2007

Hey Willow, there's nothing wrong (or odd) about dressing in
Japanese-inspired fashion at a con. Just be comfortable and have fun. But I
wouldn't recommend teasing people about "who're you dressed as?"
questions... It's kind of a faux pas for cosplay. Just tell folks you're
dressed as Willow-in-yukata. *grin* 

Heck, you might want to bring the contact info (web page & company name, at
least) of the lady who did your dress, in case anybody asks if you made it
or had it made. Lots of folks buy or commission costumes (or receive them
as gifts), and it's good karma to do some free advertising if your costume
came out really well.

Just some cosplayer etiquette tips... *grin*

Oh yeah, and wear comfortable shoes... I know a lot of folks (myself
included, sometimes) like to wear shoes that go with their costume, but
wandering around Javitz all day (or all weekend!) in geta sandals would get
pretty annoying, pretty fast. Just don't know how those things are s'posed
to be comfortable...


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