[MA-SOC] new site-rightstuf

Willow (yanagi) eandzb at att.net
Fri Nov 2 13:45:30 EDT 2007

ohhhh now I get the email that says that........doi
once again .........never mind.............

well unfortunatly I don't think I can get to metro anime lunches
the next few months I may not be able too though it would be more
likely then after feb.
in march I have had to schedule my circle group again for the
year and also now I have the dim sum brunch club so unfortunatly
both these things will conflict with the same days as metro

so maybe if there are other events throughout the year I can see
about coming to something in the future but I will definitly
remain on the elist group for sure and maybe see some of you at
the anime/manga meets and what not around.

maybe even at my dim sum brunches which you can always come to
eat and then leave to go to metro screenings if you tend to go a
bit later in the early afternoon.
dim sum brunches probably will end by 1:30-2ish if we are seated
by 12:30...so if you ever want to come to one just email me and I
can send you the info to join the yahoo group to recieve
annoucements for each monthly brunch.

hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

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