[MA-SOC] Comic Kingdom-what's the scoop de loop

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Tue May 15 10:45:43 EDT 2007

Hi Phoenix,
thanks for the scoop.
ahh so most of their manga (also dvds?), will not be in english.
right now that is the only language I speak and read in...but I did see a couple
of tshirts of interest.
heck it may be fun to go to the Hong Kong Mall and look around anyway.
I do go to Asayhia which is only in Japanese but that's because I like to pick
up the manga magazines with the kitchy little prizes inside. I have to stop by
again soon, skipped a month already, lol...and sometimes they have sales on cds.

I did figure out that I needed to take the 7 to the last stop but thank you for
letting me know, it is confirmed.

thanks again,

> Hi, Willow,
> I've been to the comic store before. It's the only place I can buy manga in
> Chinese translation around NYC. Most of their collection are Japanese manga
> in Chinese characters. But I noticed that there are more and more manga in
> English now. I am not sure if it's worth to take a look, since I seldom
> visit other manga stores in Manhattan.

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