[MA-SOC] Assorted latest season anime stuff

Phoenix Wang edallas2058 at gmail.com
Mon May 14 18:09:49 EDT 2007

Hi, I'm new here. I attended MA screening last month for the first time.
Unfortunately I got there too late and didn't have chance to introduce
myself... Anyway, I'd like to share my current watching list with you guys.

Emma2- I like romance! and the music and graphic drawing got good quality.
Hayate no Gotoku- it's funny and kuso.
Darker than Black- not my favorite theme, too dark. but it's from nice
production group and music by Kano Yoko... don't want to miss.
Serei no Morabito- Same production group of "Ghost in the Shell (TV anime)".
Balsa is another strong female like Motoko.

*continuing anime from previous: Keroro, Nodame Cantabile, One Piece,
Saiunkoku monogatari

** only watched first few episodes and gave up: monster princess, blue

TV Drama:
Watashitachi no Kyoukasho- issues about Japanese education.
Jikou Keisatsu "Return"(2)- very kuso like the first series, but the stories
are no better than before in my opinions.
Proposal Daigakusen- I love Naohito Fujiki!!
Jodan ja Nai- I simply watch it because of these good actors/actresses. (I
personally don't like the story)
Hotelier- Japanese version of Korean TV drama.
Hanayome to Papa- comic and funny.

Don't know why I have so much time watching these, plus American TV series,
such as CSI, Criminal Minds, Heroes and etc. I guess I just need to give up


2007/5/14, Charles Feldmeth <crfeldmeth at verizon.net>:
> There have been so many new shows its hard to keep up with them all.
> "Claymore" and "Hayate no Gotoku" are among the better ones and I've been
> wanting to watch more of "Nodame Cantabile" but I also have a lot of DVDs
> backed up to watch. Some other shows I've seen recently include:
> "Serei no Morabito (Guardian of the Sacred Spirit)": Balsa, a
> spear-wielding professional bodyguard rescues young Prince Chagum from
> drowning. That night she is summoned by his mother the Empress who begs her
> to be the Prince's bodyguard. It seems his father is trying to have him
> killed because he has become posessed by an (allegedly) evil water spirit
> and if the public finds out it will embarrass the ruling class. Balsa takes
> the job and tries to escape the empire with the Prince but the Holy Seer (a
> sort of high priest) has sent powerful warriors to capture the Prince. I've
> seen 2 eps so far and this looks like an exciting show.
> "Seto no Hanayome": Mihisio Nagasumi, a junior-high student, is dragged
> off by his parents to Seto Island to visit his grandmother. While swimming
> he nearly drowns, but is saved by a mermaid. No one believes him until the
> mermaid shows up at Grandma's house and begs him to "take responsibility"
> for what happened by marrying her. Soon he and his parents are kidnapped to
> the sea bottom by her father who is the head of the mermaid Yakuza. The
> mermaids have a rule that if a mermaid is seen by a human the mermaid must
> die but her father has a better idea-kill the witnesses and he won't have to
> kill his daughter. San (the mermaid) and her mother decide it would be
> better if they get married so then Nagasumi will be part of the family. What
> makes the show funny is the various henchmen Daddy sends to eliminate
> Nagasumi (including one who is a shark). I've seen 3 eps and find it a very
> amusing comedy.
> "Koutetsu Sangokushi: A historical drama that may be a bit yaoi (lots of
> pretty boys) concerning a lad named Rikuson whose family had always
> protected the Imperial Seal until it was stolen and his father killed. A the
> behest of his mentor Rikuson offers his services to his father's killer in
> order to learn the will of the Imperial Seal (an item which gives great
> power to whomever possesses it). Just as it appears the Seal will choose him
> thieves show up and it is again stolen, so Rikuson must go on a quest to
> recover it. I've seen 2 eps and not sure yet if I will continue watching.
> Fans of historical dramas may want to give it a try.
> "Wellber no Monogatari (Sisters of Wellber)": The King of Wellber decides
> that the only way to keep the peace with neighboring Sangatras is to marry
> his daughter Rita Sior to the son of Sangatras' King. Unfortunately, Rita
> stabs him to death and runs away, which results in an ultimatum from
> Sangatras-unless Rita is captured and publicly executed in 14 days there
> will be war. A thief, Tina Lawter, who witnessed the crime helps Rita escape
> and decides to accompany her to the country of Greedom in an attempt to
> stave off war without Rita being executed. There has only been 1 ep
> fansubbed so far which Ijust watched. It starts out looking like a pretty
> good historical drama but then takes a big turn toward silliness when "Count
> Cyrano de Bergerac" shows up (you have to see this to believe it). Still, I
> will probably watch more of this if it becomes available.
> "Darker than BLACK": Ten years ago something appeared in the center of
> Tokyo which is now surrounded by a large wall known as "Hell's Gate". At
> about the same time powerful psychics (now called Contractors) appeared,
> which are being used by various governments on various spy missions
> (primarily to obtain more info about "Hell's Gate"). Hei is one of the most
> powerful psychics whom even the police know almost nothing about. Travelling
> in the guise of a Chinese student he works with a shadowy group whose
> motives have yet to become clear. I just watched the first 2 eps and will
> definitely watch more. Very dark and violent.
> I've also just watched the first ep of "Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula", a
> by-the-numbers giant robot show with the added conceit of having hired a
> dozen or so different mecha designers, each one designing one of the robots,
> and have been watching "Shonen Onmyoji", "Romeo X Juliet", "Kaibutsu Ohjo
> (Monster Princess)", "sola", "Lucky Star" & "Rocket Girls" (using teenage
> girls as astronauts because they weigh less then adult male astronauts).
> Then there's all the shows which will be coming out in July and all the
> DVD's. So many shows, so little time.
>                                                        Charlie F.
> "R. Torres" <rtorres81 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Currently watching.
> Anime
> Claymore, Hayate no Gotoku, Murder Princess, Sola, Death Note, D.Gray-man,
> Bleach, Eyeshield 21, Nodame Cantabile, Naruto Shippuuden, Nana
> Drama
> Bambino!, Liar Game, Jodan ja Nai
> Trick old series but I found active torrents this one takes priority only
> cause of Hiroshi Abe being in the series.
> havent had time to watch Sexy Voice and Robo but been downloading it for
> when I have free time.
> On 5/13/07, Richard Fung wrote:
> >
> > The Claymore anime is indeed impressive, animation quality has yet to
> drop
> > even after 6 episodes so far. I've read up to the latest manga vol. 12,
> > and
> > the pacing of the anime is extremely fast. There will be lots of plot
> > twists coming up, and I don't think it's like Vampire Hunter D at all
> > except
> > the cool and gothic feel.
> >
> > The other new shows I've taken a glance at but I don't have the time or
> > energy to follow them weekly. "sola" & "El Cazador de la Bruja" have
> some
> > really good Opening and Ending songs.
> >
> > While "Yoshimune" is way too SD and kiddish, there's another period
> comedy
> > that is action packed in the same setting called "Oh! Edo Rocket", I"m
> not
> > sure if it's been subbed yet. The animation quality is unbelivable for a
> > TV
> > show, it has a monster too and feels like "Shounen Onmyouji". But I'm
> not
> > too interested since it's too colorful and busy.
> >
> > Right now I have too many regulars to follow and so far I have only
> > decided
> > to follow these new shows,
> >
> > "Over Drive" -- about an unathletic boy who doesn't even know how to
> ride
> > bicycles joing the cycling club due to his infactuation w/ a girl (a
> > little
> > bit like the beginning of "Slam Dunk"). Later on he discovers that he's
> > pretty good at this sport due to his pure determination and tenacity.
> > Drawn
> > by studio Xebec (which just finished Busou Renkin), pretty good show.
> >
> > "Hayate no Gotoku!" -- nothing revolutionary, a guy in a lot of debt
> > somehow
> > gotten himself in the position of a "butler" for a rich household, and
> is
> > in
> > charge of protecting of his mistress. Anything goes and over the top
> > comedy
> > w/ many silly references to the other shows (I wonder how many viewers
> > notice the "cosmos" from Saint Seiya) . Yet I can't help myself but
> > really
> > like this silly show, maybe it's because Sugiyama Rie (Al from Fullmetal
> > Alchemist) voicing the girl and Shiraishi Ryouko voicing Hayate..
> >
> > "Victorian Romance Emma Second Act" -- the 2nd season to the forbidden
> > romance between a gentry class English gentleman and a common maid
> (voiced
> > by Touma Yumi). I like how they concluded the first season when the
> story
> > got caught up to the manga and do another season after the manga has
> > advanced further, back then this really doesn't happen.
> >
> > Other than these new shows, I'm too occupied by the regulars and dramas
> (I
> > dropped a couple of them because they're simply not worth watching),
> >
> > Anime:
> > Tues - Death Note, D.Gray-man
> > Wed - Bleach, Eyeshield 21
> > Thurs - Claymore, Nodame Cantabile, Naruto Shippuuden
> > Sat - Blue Dragon (the anime is really not that good compared to the
> Xbox
> > 360 game)
> > Sun - Gurren-Lagann (Gainax's new crazy robot anime)
> >
> > Drama:
> > Bambino!
> > Proposal Diagakusen -- a guy attending a wedding of the girl he likes,
> > regretting why he isn't the groom standing at the altar. What if he's
> > given
> > a second chance to change things, what would he do differently to win
> back
> > the girl? This is the Mon 9 drama of this season.
> > Watashitachi no Kyoukasho (Our Textbook)
> > Joudan ja Nai!
> > Dropped "Sexy Voice and Robo" -- I don't know about the manga, but the
> > drama
> > is "unbelivably boring".
> >
> > Rich
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > >From: Ralph Young
> > >Reply-To: Metro Anime New York City--social list
> > >
> > >To: Metro Anime New York City--social list
> > >Subject: [MA-SOC] Assorted latest season anime stuff
> > >Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 10:26:49 -0400
> > >
> > >"Pumpkin Scissors" has been licensed by ADV. Not a surprise.
> > >
> > >When I was choosing the programming for the monthly meetings, I got in
> > the
> > >habit of downloading and watching the first 2 episodes of most every
> > series
> > >my time would allow. I would see a smattering of a lot of different
> > shows,
> > >but only one or two would grab me enough to keep following them. Many
> of
> > >these became part of our monthly regular lineup, but a few, like "Fate
> > Stay
> > >Night," "Mushishi" and "Welcome to the NHK!" didn't.
> > >
> > >I'm currently winnowing down my personal follow-up list for the latest
> > crop
> > >of anime, and thought I'd throw out some of my impressions.
> > >
> > >"Claymore" -- an order of greatsword-wielding women infused with the
> > >essence of the demonic 'yoma' in order to fight them and protect the
> > mostly
> > >ungrateful human race in a medieval-fantasy setting. I agree with
> > Richard
> > >Fung, this is an excellent show, and I'm finding the second story arc
> > >(introducing Teresa in episode 5) quite gripping. However, it really is
> > >the same basic schtick as "Vampire Hunter D" and I find myself hoping
> > there
> > >is a twist in the story that will be introduced to give it a more
> unique
> > >voice.
> > >I haven't read the popular manga so I don't know what's coming up past
> > the
> > >anime episodes out.
> > >
> > >"sola" -- in essence a slice-of-life drama with the trappings of a
> > magical
> > >girlfriend show. A teenage boy obsessed with photographing the daytime
> > sky
> > >meets a cute girl who turns out to be an immortal supernatural being
> that
> > >starts disintegrating if exposed to direct sunlight. She refers to
> > herself
> > >as a monster (so far, she's not particularly monstrous) and is being
> > >hunted, and hides out at the boy's home. I find myself really looking
> > >forward to more of this without being able to put my finger on why. It
> > has
> > >occasional sequences of action and humor, but mostly its just a
> charming
> > >character show.
> > >
> > >"Lucky Star" -- okay, its a rip-off of "Azumanga Daioh," pure and
> simple.
> > >Cute, quirky high school girls engage in mundane situations given a
> silly
> > >spin. Not as funny, not as charming, but still good for grins. I
> > >particularly like the "Lucky Channel" sequences at the end of each
> > episode,
> > >where the announcer girl inevitably slips out of cute-and-genki mode to
> > >reveal her nasty, cynical character.
> > >
> > >"Kaibutsu Ojou" ["Monster Princess" or "Resurrection Princess"] -- it
> is
> > a
> > >bit by-the-numbers, but I still like this series about a hapless schlub
> > >named Hiro, brought back to life as the servant of a member of the
> > Monster
> > >Royal Family. The Royals are currently wrapped up in a fratricidal
> > >vendetta, sending gothic monsters to kill each other. Hiro ends up
> dying
> > >in most every episode, only to be brought back by the Princess, who, by
> > the
> > >way, has pretty much the same personality as Shinku from "Rozen
> Maiden."
> > >This would qualify as a harem comedy except that none of the show's
> many
> > >hot monster-girls seem at all romantically interested in Hiro.
> > >
> > >"El Cazador de la Bruja" [Spanish for "Witchhunter"] -- its by most of
> > the
> > >same team that brought us "Noir" and "Madlax," particularly director
> > Koichi
> > >Mashimo. So far it is following very much in those earlier shows'
> > pattern,
> > >and its starting to feel a bit old to me. Girls-with-guns with
> > spectacular
> > >character designs team up in a buddy story with faint lesbian
> overtones,
> > >have episodic shoot-'em-up adventures gradually shading into arcane
> > >conspiracy. Its good stuff, but I find myself wishing Mashimo would
> > change
> > >up and do something completely different.
> > >
> > >"Yoshimune" -- I don't really recommend this show, and I've already
> > >dropped it, but it deserves an honorable mention for its oddball setup.
> > >Its basically the story of a nobleman in feudal Japan dealing with
> > problems
> > >within Edo Castle. Except the Edo-period setting has subway trains,
> > >high-rise tenements, cell phones, computers and dance clubs. And all
> the
> > >character designs are superdeformed. Obviously completely silly fun
> > aimed
> > >at a young audience, but I doubt American kids would understand the
> > bizarre
> > >anachronisms.
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