[MA-SOC] Mark the day -June 3rd, Central Park - Japan Day NYC (also, gotta cosplay question)

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Sun May 13 20:06:27 EDT 2007

I can't wait...I hope it will be fun and I can actually see some things this time, not
like last year's cherry blossom fest ..I couldnt' see one thing in the tents and such...

if people are going to meet up and it's ok for anyone to join you, like a metro meet up
for this or what not.
Will you (any metro members) be posting about that when you know when and where to meet.

I definitly am going to try to get there early since the activities and such are from
10am to 5pm so I won't get there before then for the race but maybe there is a way for
us to find each other?

I know that Zak from Genki shock meet up is meeting up with his group/s...I just haven't
met with the group or him before either so not sure how everyone finds each other but
maybe we can all meet or I can meet metro and then hopefully bump into them.

I do know someone that will be there and since I told her about Genki she joined and was
at one of the meets so I would recognize her if she's with them (most likely will be),
but we have parted as friends (her choice) so being that may be the first time we bump
into each other I gather it could be a wee uncomfy but then again, who really knows...ka
sara sara...

anyway........babbling, pmsing woman here.........

So I"ll keep my eyes open for info and all.

(there will be another one of these too when anime fest comes around in dec, lol...but I
know so far I am meeting with Jill and possibly Danielle if you are coming..right,

ps--- no one answered me about the May 27th Japanese language meet up central park
(sheeps meadow), so I assume no one attends those or is interested..but was curious if
anyone does or has or what not...the info was posted in my email if anyone is or

psss......I don't have a costume sword..I only have two real ones....but they are
spanish ceremonial swords from the 1900's....
as to making one.....there are a lot of cosplay on ebay, costumers that is ...you may
find something there or someone but I don't know if that really is any help...I"m still
new at cosplay and the whole thing....I don't know if I can ever really participate
cause I can't sew a stich or button....I"m all thumbs and stabby clumsies when it comes
to the thread and needle thing...:-[


> Japan Day in Central Park (http://www.japandaynyc.org/
> ) will be on June 3rd in Central Park

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