[MA-SOC] Mark the day -June 3rd, Central Park - Japan Day NYC (also, gotta cosplay question)

B Smith ifuritaoni at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 16:16:50 EDT 2007

Japan Day in Central Park (http://www.japandaynyc.org/
) will be on June 3rd in Central Park (don’t even
bother asking me where, I always get my ass lost in
that place....) by the Consulate General of Japan in
New York.  There will be live music, dance and martial
arts demonstrations, food tents featuring Japanese
cuisine and sweets, activity booths featuring
traditional art such as origami and calligraphy, and
electronics tents displaying cutting edge Japanese
technology.  (aka sakura matsuri in manhattan but
without the cherry blossoms....)

In addition to all this, Japan Day's organizers will
be holding a cosplay contest, and I’ve been
“encouraged” to be one of their contestants (read:
after seeing me, all the Japanese otaku will be
feeling MUCH better about themselves compared to their
insane/embarrassing American contemporaries....who
better to do it than me, right?  Let's hope I don't
scare the kids....).

Anyway, I was wondering (aka polite, subtle way of
begging for help/advice without actually coming out
and saying so)....does anyone know where I can find
someone to make me a cosplay prop sword?

The weapon is Alexiel's sword Nanatsusaya, from the
series Angel Sanctuary.

Here's the pics:

Any help would be deeply appreciated and compensated.

Anyhoo...hope to see you there
B Smith, person of questionable sanity

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