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The Claymore anime is indeed impressive, animation quality has yet to drop 
even after 6 episodes so far.  I've read up to the latest manga vol. 12, and 
the pacing of the anime is extremely fast.  There will be lots of plot 
twists coming up, and I don't think it's like Vampire Hunter D at all except 
the cool and gothic feel.

The other new shows I've taken a glance at but I don't have the time or 
energy to follow them weekly.  "sola" & "El Cazador de la Bruja" have some 
really good Opening and Ending songs.

While "Yoshimune" is way too SD and kiddish, there's another period comedy 
that is action packed in the same setting called "Oh! Edo Rocket", I"m not 
sure if it's been subbed yet.  The animation quality is unbelivable for a TV 
show, it has a monster too and feels like "Shounen Onmyouji".  But I'm not 
too interested since it's too colorful and busy.

Right now I have too many regulars to follow and so far I have only decided 
to follow these new shows,

"Over Drive" -- about an unathletic boy who doesn't even know how to ride 
bicycles joing the cycling club due to his infactuation w/ a girl (a little 
bit like the beginning of "Slam Dunk").  Later on he discovers that he's 
pretty good at this sport due to his pure determination and tenacity. Drawn 
by studio Xebec (which just finished Busou Renkin), pretty good show.

"Hayate no Gotoku!" -- nothing revolutionary, a guy in a lot of debt somehow 
gotten himself in the position of a "butler" for a rich household, and is in 
charge of protecting of his mistress.  Anything goes and over the top comedy 
w/ many silly references to the other shows (I wonder how many viewers 
notice the "cosmos" from Saint Seiya) .  Yet I can't help myself but really 
like this silly show, maybe it's because Sugiyama Rie (Al from Fullmetal 
Alchemist) voicing the girl and Shiraishi Ryouko voicing Hayate..

"Victorian Romance Emma Second Act" -- the 2nd season to the forbidden 
romance between a gentry class English gentleman and a common maid (voiced 
by Touma Yumi).  I like how they concluded the first season when the story 
got caught up to the manga and do another season after the manga has 
advanced further, back then this really doesn't happen.

Other than these new shows, I'm too occupied by the regulars and dramas (I 
dropped a couple of them because they're simply not worth watching),

Tues - Death Note, D.Gray-man
Wed - Bleach, Eyeshield 21
Thurs - Claymore, Nodame Cantabile, Naruto Shippuuden
Sat - Blue Dragon (the anime is really not that good compared to the Xbox 
360 game)
Sun - Gurren-Lagann (Gainax's new crazy robot anime)

Proposal Diagakusen -- a guy attending a wedding of the girl he likes, 
regretting why he isn't the groom standing at the altar.  What if he's given 
a second chance to change things, what would he do differently to win back 
the girl?  This is the Mon 9 drama of this season.
Watashitachi no Kyoukasho (Our Textbook)
Joudan ja Nai!
Dropped "Sexy Voice and Robo" -- I don't know about the manga, but the drama 
is "unbelivably boring".


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>"Pumpkin Scissors" has been licensed by ADV.  Not a surprise.
>When I was choosing the programming for the monthly meetings, I got in the 
>habit of downloading and watching the first 2 episodes of most every series 
>my time would allow.  I would see a smattering of a lot of different shows, 
>but only one or two would grab me enough to keep following them.  Many of 
>these became part of our monthly regular lineup, but a few, like "Fate Stay 
>Night," "Mushishi" and "Welcome to the NHK!" didn't.
>I'm currently winnowing down my personal follow-up list for the latest crop 
>of anime, and thought I'd throw out some of my impressions.
>"Claymore" -- an order of greatsword-wielding women infused with the 
>essence of the demonic 'yoma' in order to fight them and protect the mostly 
>ungrateful human race in a medieval-fantasy setting.  I agree with Richard 
>Fung, this is an excellent show, and I'm finding the second story arc 
>(introducing Teresa in episode 5) quite gripping.  However, it really is 
>the same basic schtick as "Vampire Hunter D" and I find myself hoping there 
>is a twist in the story that will be introduced to give it a more unique 
>I haven't read the popular manga so I don't know what's coming up past the 
>anime episodes out.
>"sola" --  in essence a slice-of-life drama with the trappings of a magical 
>girlfriend show.  A teenage boy obsessed with photographing the daytime sky 
>meets a cute girl who turns out to be an immortal supernatural being that 
>starts disintegrating if exposed to direct sunlight.  She refers to herself 
>as a monster (so far, she's not particularly monstrous) and is being 
>hunted, and hides out at the boy's home.  I find myself really looking 
>forward to more of this without being able to put my finger on why.  It has 
>occasional sequences of action and humor, but mostly its just a charming 
>character show.
>"Lucky Star" -- okay, its a rip-off of "Azumanga Daioh," pure and simple.  
>Cute, quirky high school girls engage in mundane situations given a silly 
>spin.  Not as funny, not as charming, but still good for grins.  I 
>particularly like the "Lucky Channel" sequences at the end of each episode, 
>where the announcer girl inevitably slips out of cute-and-genki mode to 
>reveal her nasty, cynical character.
>"Kaibutsu Ojou" ["Monster Princess" or "Resurrection Princess"] -- it is a 
>bit by-the-numbers, but I still like this series about a hapless schlub 
>named Hiro, brought back to life as the servant of a member of the Monster 
>Royal Family.  The Royals are currently wrapped up in a fratricidal 
>vendetta, sending gothic monsters to kill each other.  Hiro ends up dying 
>in most every episode, only to be brought back by the Princess, who, by the 
>way, has pretty much the same personality as Shinku from "Rozen Maiden."  
>This would qualify as a harem comedy except that none of the show's many 
>hot monster-girls seem at all romantically interested in Hiro.
>"El Cazador de la Bruja" [Spanish for  "Witchhunter"] -- its by most of the 
>same team that brought us "Noir" and "Madlax," particularly director Koichi 
>Mashimo.  So far it is following very much in those earlier shows' pattern, 
>and its starting to feel a bit old to me.  Girls-with-guns with spectacular 
>character designs team up in a buddy story with faint lesbian overtones, 
>have episodic shoot-'em-up adventures gradually shading into arcane 
>conspiracy.  Its good stuff, but I find myself wishing Mashimo would change 
>up and do something completely different.
>"Yoshimune"  --  I don't really recommend this show, and I've already 
>dropped it, but it deserves an honorable mention for its oddball setup.  
>Its basically the story of a nobleman in feudal Japan dealing with problems 
>within Edo Castle.  Except the Edo-period setting has subway trains, 
>high-rise tenements, cell phones, computers and dance clubs.  And all the 
>character designs are superdeformed.  Obviously completely silly fun aimed 
>at a young audience, but I doubt American kids would understand the bizarre 
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