[MA-SOC] NYAF - for Danielle & Yanagi [WAS: Re: Cosplay in CentralPark]

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Thu May 10 13:46:50 EDT 2007

I am I am...and since I get a chance to meet you all I will await your plans of
time and place to look for each other.

I'm kind of hoping it's not a steamy hot day so I can wear my kanoneko hoodie,
it's light weight but prob. not for full summer days...

I was going to meet up with the genki shock meet up group since zak put something
up for that so maybe I can bump into everyone but I'll first look for metro
people since I"ve been on this group a while and really only briefly met some of
you last labor day...

> You'd better.... or I will come and GET you....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!;-)


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