[MA-SOC] Movie outing - Spiderman 3 - Union Sq 14 - Sat 5:15showing

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Fri May 4 14:17:10 EDT 2007

> If you'd like Japanese food, there are a ton of delicious and authentic
> izakaya-style restaurants along St. Marks between 2nd and 3rd avenues (about
> a 5 minute walk from Union Square). One of the better ones is "Oh! Taisho".

is it good:-) glad to here a review (sort of) ...I want to try some of the
places there but haven't gone to when they open or I"m there but ate earlier
because I had to head over to another event happening down there and have to get
dinner a little before 6....
I usually have stopped in Japan Noodle (I think that's the name) for a quickie
but there was one across the street I was curious about that seemed to be open
before 6...

I'll have to try Menkui.
(jotting down names......)

Typhoon I can second that too......a friend of mine brought me there and I went
back with friends a few times...I went to bring a friend once but they were
closed which surprised me..guess I didn't know the days they were closed or
something and hoped it was just bad timeing and they didnt' close for good...but
they didn't:-)

It is a very nice place and heck the waiters are a pretty good reason to go too
if you like a bit of eye candy;-}...well at least the ones I saw when I was
there, heeheee...

foods very nice too, yum yum.

oh......LOL....ok I read that just now(below)....we are on the same page there,
hee heee Kawaii!!!!

> Their ambience is excellent, you can be as casual or loud as you want and
> no one will mind... and an additional plus for the super-cute punkrock (yet
> somehow still polite) waiters. :)

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