[MA-SOC] Movie outing - Spiderman 3 - Union Sq 14 - Sat 5:15 showing

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Thu May 3 14:35:55 EDT 2007

 I guess i'll miss it have finals on May 7-8th so guess i'll go watch it later have fun.
    Vinny Pau
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  Okay folks, let's go for the 5:15pm showing on Sat. at the Regal Union Sq. 
theatre (850 Broadway, betw. 13th and 14th Street, (212) 253-6266). 

I'd say since good seating is likely to be an issue, we can try to meet up 
around 4:45-ish *inside* the building, *past* the ticket-collector, in front of 
the theatre that the movie is actually showing in. 

Everybody's responsible for getting their own tickets, and I'd recommend getting 
them in advance, either online or at the theatre. Ah, I'm not sure how you'd 
recognize us from among the other fans *grin*, but hopefully we'll be able to 
keep at least one person "at the gate" so you can ask where the Metro group's 

See y'all Saturday,
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