[MA-SOC] Why are we being tagged?

Serdar Yegulalp thegline at optonline.net
Wed May 2 00:31:37 EDT 2007

I've gotten a few of these before from completely different places, I think.   I suspect it's some kind of spam to get people to join some upstart networking community.  They all end up in my spam folder.

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> I just saw an email on the MA-SOC list which has me a bit disturbed.
> I may be overreacting but the email showed a picture of someone I
> don't know who calls himself "Tatsuya T" saying that I've been
> "tagged" as a friend and I had better respond or he'll think I said
> "no".  I would never have opened such email except it showed that it
> came from the Metro Anime Society List.  As I said, I may be
> overreacting but I think this could be a phishing attempt to get our
> individual email addresses.  Based on what I've read (not hysteria
> but for real) when you respond to this kind of email the sender gets
> your email address (even if you unsubscribe you're still confirming
> your email address).  I am sending this email to both the Society
> list and the Workers list as I think we may need to check this out.
> Until we know more I would suggest just deleting the email because as
> I said if you respond in any way the sender could get your personal
> email address (obviously, if this person gets
>  on the list he can read the addresses of those of us who post
> anyway).  It also seems reasonable to be concerned about some malware
> being attached (virus/worm/trojan) since I see no reason why a
> legitimate member of Metro would post such an email.
> Charlie F.
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