[MA-SOC] reminder - NY Comic Con coming up Feb 23-25!

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 26 21:09:57 EST 2007

Wonder how the successor of "E3" would turn out this year.. not that it has 
anything to do w/ common folks anyway though.


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> >I'm going to the Comic Con, too! So this will be my first official con, 
>and AnimeNext will my first anime con!
>Just a word to the wise - NY Comic Con is more like a trade show than a 
>convention, which means a somewhat more commercial/business-oriented focus 
>than your average convention. For instance, while most events are open to 
>the public, some are closed, or geared for industry folks. Also, the 
>anime/manga programming tends to run as a sort of side track to the US 
>comics programming, so there probably won't be as many events and vendors 
>for anime/manga as for comics. (Some of the guests charge for their 
>autographs, btw, which they never do at anime cons.) Comic Con had some 
>serious logistical issues last year (overcrowding, overbooking, unusually 
>crappy Javits-logistics, and sharing the center with another big trade 
>show), but hopefully they've fixed most of those for this year.
>Personally, I'm looking forward to the Del Rey panel (they're kind of 
>wacky, and generally have a fair amount of manga that sounds interesting, 
>even I don't always buy it), and the Funimation panel (they're supposed to 
>be doing a big press roll-out for Tsubasa, including some of the 
>cast/crew). The comics stuff generally holds no real interest for me, 
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