[MA-SOC] Name tags, & Ralph slips into Old Geezer Mode

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 24 13:43:46 EST 2007

Exactly, I still remember the excitement of getting ahold of the whole EVA 
series (fansubbed) from a member of my anime club back then.  otherwise 
people would need to get the ADV tapes ($29.99 x 13), or the hybrid LDs.  
And I also remembered the excitment of our club getting ahold of the Kenshin 
OVA LDs and trying to do a little subbing ourselves w/in the club.

Now I'm literally watching Death Note & D-Gray.man every Tues, Busou Renkin 
& Eyeshield 21 every Wed, and different dramas on different weekdays, the 
next day after it airs in Jpn, w/ crystal clear definition w/ no compromise 
of quality whatsoever, all free.  Of course, I would stil buy the shows in 
R2 DVDs to support the artists, I'm planning to collect Busou Renkin on DVDs 
every month.

Never said doing things in a group is not fun, I used to watch a new DBZ 
episode w/ my classmate back in Jr. high by renting videos from the local 
mom & pop stores, or playing Contras w/ friends while having cup noodles, 
but those were the old days when I was a carefree kid.  I could go to Metro 
to watch Ouran w/ you, but I've seen it 4 months ago, a new episode per week 
just as how they're meant to be seen.  However, if we're doing movie 
outings, like Howl's Moving Castle before, I'm all for hanging out w/ all 
the nice folks :)  Well, I still play games w/ some of my college friends 
and watch anime w/ my sis :)


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>  Name tags I don't think are so great, how hard is it to talk to people 
>and learn their names?
>I have to agree with you Ralph though its a totally different community now 
>with torrents the anime clubs aren't as strong anymore.  Back in the age of 
>tapes the community was alot closer and the same can be said about 
>fansubbers as well.  You had to get anime on laser disc for good quality 
>and on vhs if there was no laser discs and it would take time to get it to 
>theUS.  fansubers would get together at cons and trade lds, scripts and 
>copies of svhs masters as well as watch the latest stuff.  Nowdays you have 
>contacts in Japan who record anime on their tivo and then send it to you 
>via ftp for subbing hours after it aired in Japan and everything is 
>distributed by torrents and people watch it when they want to.
>Vinny Pau
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>Well, name tags at meetings might not facilitate mailing list people 
>to know each other better, but it might help with meeting-goers getting to
>know each other.  Anyway, it costs me nothing and I don't see how it could
>hurt, so let's try it out.
>I am mildly concerned about the increasing divergence between the meetings
>and the list.  I see it as a side effect of the rise of internet file
>sharing and the mainstreaming of anime in the last few years.  Once upon a
>time, you had to develop interpersonal connections in order to see more 
>the smallest spattering of anime.  Now all you need is a computer and a
>reasonably fast internet connection and you need never communicate with
>another human being directly to be up on the latest anime.
>As a result, the once extraordinarily social anime fandom in the US is
>quickly becoming indistinguishable from any other cult fan group.  Not a 
>thing, but I do kind of miss the excitement I had ten years ago when 
>would announce they had gotten their hands on the brand-new fansub of the
>Princess Mononoke or End of Evangelion and the anticipation of the next
>get-together would brighten my whole week.  Now its just, "oh, I'll have to
>get the torrent for that and watch it when its convenient."
>Oh well, thats what it is to be an aging fanboy.  Changing times.
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> > Not to be overly cynical or anything, but wasn't talking to people in RL 
> > major point of that 2-week long thread about relationships? I'm not 
> > against name tags, per se, but is it too much to ask that people simply
> > chat with each other enough to learn their first name? Yeah, it might be
> > embarrasing, if, like me, you forget the names of people you've been
> > chatting with for months, but that's part of socialization.
> >
> > Besides, I think the lack of significant overlap between
> > vocal-list-members and meeting-regulars makes this sort of moot. People
> > who actually do go to in-person stuff (meetings, movies, whatever) tend 
> > see the same faces over and again, and those generally aren't the faces 
> > list-posters. If you want to get to know more Metro anime fans in
> > RL-context, then go to events and talk to people. It's supposed to be a
> > social club *with* a mailing list, not a social club *and* a mailing 
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Mandisa
> >
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