[MA-SOC] Setting the record straight on the stats

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 19 23:39:21 EST 2007

I went up to Kino w/ this girl from work tonight, the snow was blowing 
sideways and was illuminated by the city lights in midtown, quite romantic 
just like the in a Jpn drama, the girl was actually pretty cute too.. I 
didn't ask her out to movies/dinner even my relationship is failing, doesn't 
feel right..

We were chk'ing out the knick knacks at both the Nintendo store and Kino, so 
girls really do like "pink" DS.. and she digs Nintendogs and "Chibi Robo" 
(from Gamecube).. she commented how fun it is to play tennis and baseball 
w/o needing to know which button does what.  I know the big N's really onto 
something here, but hearing that first hand really drives the point across.

Rich ---- Busou Renkin rules, can't wait till the soundtrack comes.  Didn't 
know the "Nodame Cantabile" drama and anime have such a decisive difference 
since I haven't read the manga


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>if the original point of the post was if there were indeed more women than
>men in the world (which is true), and if they've had sex, what does it
>matter who it was with?
>On 1/19/07, B Smith <ifuritaoni at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> > As for who's having sex with who...beats the fcuk
> > outta me.  Personally, i think EVERYONE lies about
> > sex.  Women are taught to be ashamed of it, men to be
> > braggarts about it.  And all the numbers get skewed
> > when you even bother to factor in gay, lesbian, bi,
> > tri (and gods know a lot of ppl try anything :P),
> > experimenting, affairs, etc.  Sex is a very nubulous
> > subject that has so many hangups from religion to
> > self-image.  There's no easy way to look at it.
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