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You want to say that to my woman you are more then welcome to.  Don't be surprised when she whoops someones ass for overstepping the line.
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I wasn't going to say a damn thing, but I've noticedthat among all the excellent tips and advice pouringfrom the list, the following was never mentioned -Just because s/he doesn't want to date you, does notmean you can't be friends with him/her.I have seen so many men stop talking to a womancompletely when they realize she's not interested.They wander off, sullen, and then the woman wonderswhat SHE did that was so offensive. She just lost afriend, and doesn't know why.Keep a circle of platonic female friends - if part ofyour problem is that you don't meet women in the firstplace, you'll increase your odds by making connectionsthrough your circle. Obviously, you have to not be ajerk, because if you give off a creepy vibe, whatplatonic female friends you have won't want tointroduce you to their single friends ;) ____________________________________________________________________________________Bored stiff? Loosen up... Download and play hundreds of games for free on Yahoo! 
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