[MA-SOC] AnimeNext, dinner plans anyone?

Louis Wellington II louiswellington2 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 19 13:19:09 EST 2007

Ok. Sounds good. Everybody will attend a mandatory dinner at AniméNext. Anybody in Metro who does not attend will have charges pressed against them.
  "The best groups.......thrive on punishment!"

B Smith <ifuritaoni at yahoo.com> wrote:

No one in Metro knows #$@$ about corsets...

I sure don't....



*flees from chain lightning*

Y'know so many #$@#$@$# Metro ppl go to the damn con
and it's like when I see someone "seen anyone else
from Metro here" "Nope, ain't seen #$@#$@#"...and yet
after the con, seems like half the list went from what
I'm reading..


We should have a group dinner thing on like Fri night
or something. Gods know there are plenty of
restuarants in the area to choose from!

I'm usually at the info desk so at least drop by and
say hello....(Angela, Mandisa, Ralph, Q, I know i can
count on you guys to come cheer me up after a long day
of answering "where's the bathroom" "where can i get
food?" "umm...what's ?? anime about?" "Why is it so
#$@$ noisy here?" and (my personal favorite) "can you
explain to my (210 lbs beer swilling backwater hick
homophobe) dad what Sailor moon is?" (this while
wearing a goth dress....i've been less nervous at
police inquiries...I spent the whole conversation
figuring on how fast I could make a break for the
front door if I chucked the heels)

B Smith, ye olde, put-up info desk 

--- Ann Wagner wrote:

> On 1/18/07, Mandisa Washington
> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Might check out the Gothic Lolita Picnic & Tea
> Party this year, now that
> > I've got a suitable outfit. The masquerade, music
> concert, and dance put
> > me
> > off with the long-ass lines, but they can be
> pretty cool on Fri/Sat night.
> >
> > - Keep a bottle of water, a watch, your state ID,
> the bus/train schedule,
> > a
> > highlighter, and your con pocket-size program
> guide handy while you're
> > wandering around. (Wristlets are really useful
> here - there just aren't
> > enough pockets.) Oh yeah, also carry
> aspirin/ibuprofen and any medicines
> > you might personally need in case of
> headache/stress/asthma/fainting
> > spell/stomachache/etc. Nobody wants their fun cut
> short by a trip to the
> > ER
> > or a wicked migraine.
> >
> If you do go to the concert, definitely bring
> earplugs; the echo-y acoustics
> actually worked out pretty well last year for
> D'espairsRay, but even with
> earplugs I was half-deaf for the next week. 
> Jhouserock offered some sort of
> priority seating deal last year, which we actually
> went for (not many did).
> Turned out to be worth it, especially when the band
> was delayed & we didn't
> have to sit around on the floor waiting.
> Probably irrelevant, but if you should happen to
> wear a corset to the
> concert, bring *two* bottles of water & someone to
> carry them &, possibly,
> you.
> Not that I'd know, of course.
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