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  I don't have the article in front of me right now ( I'm at work right now, believe it or not, Not that I'd get in trouble for reading a playboy here! ^_^ ), but I guess it ment  the fact even though there are slightly more men born than women right now,  the ratio is more skewed because of the "singleness " factor :
  "for every 100 *single* women there 
are 120 *single* men".
  I would assume that the those men and women in the ratio would not be the same age, but the number of singles of each sex at the present moment.

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> Actually, according to an article in this month's Playboy ( yes, I do 
> read the articles, believe it or not! ), projecting for the present from 
> the last population census, in America, dispite there being now slightly 
> more women than men, sex ratio -wise, for every 100 *single* women here 
> are 120 *single* men.

wow those numbers seam really skewed. I remember the average was supposed 
to be 102-104 men born to every 100 women, with the surplus dying off young 
leaving men the minority again, but how did it get to 100 single women to 
120 single men? Did the article explain?

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